Soggy Bottom Boys

  • Workout Date - 06/09/2023
  • Q In Charge -
  • The PAX -
  • AO -

8 Rabbits jumped out of the fartsack, planted the VSF and rolled around in the swamp-like gloom The Thang:


SSH x30
IW x25
Squat thrusts x15

Mosey round the block to the sand pit:
– burpee broad jumps to the end of the pit and mosey back to the start
– walking lunges to the end of the pit

Mosey to the track around the pond for light pole fartleks (1 lap)

Grab some wall for 11’s
Dips and step ups

People’s air presses:
People’s wall w/ air presses x 20 x 4

Double hill climb
– bear crawl up first hill with 10 merkins at top
– bear crawl up second hill with 10 LBC’s at the top Mosey down and repeato

Mosey to middle hill for partner work
– plank high fives x16, repeato
– partner dips x10, flapjack repeato 2x
– plank jump overs x8, f/j repeato 2x
– push-up/press up x5,  f/j repeato 3x
– plank high fives x20

Hill Sprints
– karaoke up and back. Out and in Merkins at the bottom x 5
– backwards run up and back. Out and in merkins at the bottom x5

6MOM (Slimfast as Q)
LBC x20
Slutter x15
Rosalita x15
Dolly x10
Bicycle x25
Russian twist x20
LBC – amrap for 30 sec

Naked Moleskin:
I apologize for the extremely tardy backblast. I left town right after the workout where I had no internet connection for four days.
Legacy Park lived up to the “swamp” portion of our namesake as the over night rains left the ground saturated with water.
Great work by the group as we worked on some new excercises. Lot’s of FEBA chatter on the people’s air presses. Good reviews on the partner work as well, pretty sure it’s here to stay.

We’re still praying for our PAX who are out due to injury. We look forward to your return to the gloom. Continue to talk up F3 and keep bringing FNG’s to the workouts.
We need more Hard Commit’s for the Blue Ridge Relay. One Direction is your Q


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