So Many Burpees…….

  • Workout Date - 01/26/2017
  • Q In Charge - Mint Julep
  • The PAX - Barney, NYOPT, Road Trip, Benign, Mint Julep
  • AO -

5 Pax decided to wake up and kick the fart sack square in the junk this misty Thursday morning. Here we go…

Mission statement – Yup
Disclaimer – Yup

SSH x 20 IC
Windmill x 20 IC
Hillbilly x 25 IC

Took a downtown Simpsonville tour this morning with 8 pain stations along its miserable way. We started at the clock and ran around town stopping at various spots to do a variety of exercises determined by the roll of the dice. Burpee’s with tuck jumps seemed to come up way too often so those were modified to regular burpees pretty quickly. At each stop we did 4 exercise with varying reps. Ended up with 1.5 miles and a lot of other stuff. Dice & exercise list below.

1 – burpee w/ tuck jump x 5
2 – merkin x 20
3 – lunge x 20
4 – plank jack x 20
5 – squat x20
6 – jack knife pushup x 10

After 8th round back at the flag we still had some time for burpees & bear crawls…yep it sucked.

Line up and do 5 lateral burpees (burpee with side jumps), bear crawl to curb & backwards bear crawl back to start (approx.. 20 feet each way), 4 lateral burpees..bear crawl up & back…etc. down to 1 burpee. Smoked, time for Mary.

Captain Thor x 5:20
Flutters x 25
Side planks

Dangler 2/4?
GHS Half/5k 2/25

Barny’s dad going into chemo
Commodore’s dad and surgery
Drake O’Sullivan
All the guys doing the Go Ruck this weekend

As always it was my pleasure, great work by all. God Bless!

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