Snowmageddon Pre-work at The Station

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  • Workout Date - 12/06/2018
  • Q In Charge - Waxon
  • The PAX - Giggety Giggety, The Muff, Courtesy Flush
  • AO - The Station

Turnout was light this morning as The Country Club of AOs was competing for numbers against Earthmover’s convergence (Godspeed brother!), business travel for some of the Pax, and of course the cold.    Four of us woke up, kicked the cold in the nards, and and answered the call.     YHC was glad for the company, and am pretty sure the pax felt same.


The usual –  SSH x 20, IW x 20 and windmills x 20.     All accomplished, having given Almond Joy ample time to come in hot mid-warmup, we mosey

The Thang:

Mosey to Memorial Methodist, with a stop at the corner lot at Jason and 14 for 15 merkins to break up the run.     Grab a block at the Church and get ready to work.     10 quick man-makers and then off for a little “shoulder your bock” 4 corners.

Corner 1       14 and Arlington                                30 block chest presses

Corner 2       Arlington and Ballenger Ave       30  block overhead flutters

Corner 3     Ballenger and Church                      25 overhead block presses

Corner 4     Church and 14                                     25 squats with block

Mosey back to the Church parking lot for 2 sets of 5 man-makers, broken up by core work in between.    Put blocks up and begin another round of 4 corners, this time without blocks (since we haven’t run enough).       Same 4 corners, with 15 merkins, 20 Bobby Hurleys, 15 Big boys and 20 dips at the wall.

Mosey up 14 to Main and stop at the corner for 30 SC lunges, and then on to the park entrance.     Stop there for 20 dips, 20 box jumps and 15 derkins.     Just enough time left to mosey to the amphitheater for box jumps up the terraces ( quick note  – the Pax showed NO humor by giving YHC an un-amused blank stare when told that we were going to Joe Hendricks up the terrace levels),     Work concluded, just enough time for 5 MOM.


Wish much success to Earthmover in his relocation.

Prayers for Giggity Giggity’s mother

As always, pleasure to lead, and I hope that the workout was up to your abilities men!

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