"Snowden, you SUCK and so does your circuit!"

  • Workout Date - 05/17/2014
  • Q In Charge - Snowden and Bartman
  • The PAX - Red Baron, Sherman, Big Spur, Watergate, Rig, Lt. Dan, Countryboy, Kapowski, Hoops, Skinner, Blanks, Pappy, The Stroller, Penguin, Gecko, Windex, Snooze, Alfred, Peterbilt, FNG-Agent Orange, FNG-Pinto, FNG-Odds, FNG-Dr. Phil, FNG-Rehad, FNG-Deliverance, FNG-Family Guy
  • AO -

Saturday morning 28 men gathered at Barnet Park for YHC’s first Saturday Q!  Let it be known that the mumblechatter started the Tuesday prior and the bear was poked!! Bartman had the warmup and Snowden took the rest. Below is the beating that followed..ENJOY!


Smurfjacks X 10

Merkins X 10

LBC’s X 10

Smurfjacks X 10

Merkins X 10

The Thang

Bartman passed the Q over to Snowden and we took a Mosey around the park to the bottom of the grassy hill and line up shoulder to shoulder facing the hill.  (Note: this dang hill is much bigger than it appears.)

Snowden’s Circuit of Suck – start with sprint to top of hill

Merkins x 25 – plank up till all are done and sprint back down

Squats X 25 – plank up till done/sprint back up

LBC’s X 25 – plank up till done/sprint back down

Werkins X 25 – plank up/sprint up

Chicken dance X 50 – plank up/sprint down

Starbursts X 25 – plank up/sprint up..Audible.  YHC asked Penguin to pick an exercise and ofcourse he said lets bear crawl the hill.  #PENGUINSUCKS!!

Diamond Merkins X 25 – plank up/sprint down

Lunges X 25 – plank up/sprint up

Flutters X 50 – plank up/sprint down

At this point YHC noticed two guys that were absolutely crushing the workout so I moseyed over in their direction to check in and they said they have had practice.  Practice I asked???? 2 years of Crossfit they say.  Crossfit??!!, Crossfit?!  OH HECK NO!!!!!  YHC now realizes that it’s time to take it up another notch!  Keep in mind the rest of the Pax had already called me several horrific names at this point!

Sumo Squats X 25 – plank up…recover….10 count

Let’s see if we can put a hurting on the crossfit boys. (FNG-Agent Orange & FNG-Pinto) #greatworkbtw

DORA 1, 2, 3, SUPERBURPEE  – Running UP HILL. #thisoneisforyouPunkin #Burbsbeatdownstyle

Merkins X 100

2-Legged Thrusters X 200

Squat Jumps X 300  #Everybodyunhappy

Mosey to bottom of Ampitheater

Peoples Chair/Arm Circles of Hell #thisoneisforScubaSteve

Arms out front/circle inward X 10 IC

Arms out front circle outward X 10 IC

Arms Up (Praise the Lord) inward X 10 IC

Arms Up (Praise the Lord) outward X 10 IC

#theylovedit…NOT   Someone told Snowden to go back to Greenville and not come back during these.  Mission Accomplished, but we are not done yet.

Jail break to top for Mary

Duck Duck Mary

One PAX runs around the circle while the rest perform an exercise.  Each exercise was performed for 3 runners then we would switch exercise.



Back Scratchers

Leg Throws

Russian Twists : Have to add here that Bartman was sitting next to me and began to have this wierd laugh like a kid who had stayed up all night eating Fundip and drinking mountain dew.  The beatdown was taking a toll on us all.

6 inches


Heels to Heaven



-Prayers for all that were mentioned

-F3 Olympics May 31st, The Irish Pub in Greenville.  Invited the Spartanburg PAX

-Spartanburg Wednesday am run

In closing – It was an honor to lead a workout for the Spartanburg PAX and see so many new faces.  These guys have a great group and are growing strong!  Keep it up gentlemen and Snowden will be back!


See you in the gloom!




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