Snowden Returns Home..To #TheBurbs

  • Workout Date - 09/08/2014
  • Q In Charge - Snowden
  • The PAX - Earthmover, Amelia, Double 00, Billie Jean, Zip It, King James, Oui Oui, Slap Chop, Blue Hawaii, No Strings Attached, Mrs. Doubtfire, Footloose, Bibb
  • AO -

14 Brothers rolled out of the #fartsack in the gloom to get their Burbian Thang today.  YHC recieved a text as Golden Sombrero was pushing through the #BRR asking if anyone wanted the Q this am cause he knew a rest was in store after taking on the Blue Ridge Relay.  Congrats Brother!  No worries, Snowden has not Q’d at The Burbs in a while.  I GOT THIS!!


SSH x 20 IC

IW X 15 IC

MERKINS X 10 IC (time to get loose boys, you know more are coming)


At this point, YHC still had NO idea what he had in store for the PAX so let’s Mosey down to the Dora Dungeon, Pair up, OH and grab a cinder block for ea team.

Dora 1, 2, 3

Cinder Block Merkins X 100

Cinder Block Overhead Press X 200 #crowdpleaser

LBC’s X 300

Grab some wall and knock out 20 Derkins OYO

Mosey up to the parking lot and line up shoulder to shoulder.  Using trees in median as marking points let’s do a Suicide Ladder.  why not…sounds like fun….NOPE!

Suicide Ladder – Sprint to 1st, 2nd, 3rd tree and Light pole in Suicide form.  When back at starting point perform exercise.  Let’s build the ladder

Suicide 1: Werkins X 10

Suicide 2: Werkins X 10, Russian Twists X 20

Suicide 3: Werkins X 10, Russian Twists X 20, Squats X 30

Suicide 4: Werkins X 10, Russian Twists X 20, Squats X 30, Calf Jumps X 40

Line back up shoulder to shoulder:

Walking Lunge to 5th parking spot

Burpee Broad Jump last 5 parking spots…..OOOPS… Audible.  slippery when wet, Hazard, finish with Walking lunges to the end.

Another Suicide Ladder going the other way using 3 trees.  Yes Amelia..THOSE 3 trees!!!

Suicide 1: Diamond Merkins X 5

Suicide 2: Diamond Merkins X 5, Burpees X 5

Suicide 3: Diamond Merkins X 5, Burpees X 5, Starbursts X 5

Mosey back up to the Circle for the beginning of Mary…


Wait..let’s change that

Peter Parkers X 10

Mountain Merkins x 10 (2 Thursters X 1 Merkin = 1)

4MOM (led by Footloose)


Rosalita X 20 i think

Plank 30 sec


-Congrats again to all #BRR PAX

-Moonshiner 5k this Friday night at Paris Mountain.  Still time to sign up.

-Prayers for Tydre

-Footloose VQ Thursday at #Graceland & Amelia VQ Monday at #theBurbs.  (ps: them der be Snowden EH Boys) Bring it fellas.  So blessed to have you out with us!!

Wow, I have been in a funk for quite a while with #life just working on me and it was just a relief to go back to #theBurbs to get my mind and heart right.  Always an honor to be able to lead the PAX in a #beatdown.  Great works fellas and thanks for coming out!!  PUT A SMILE ON YO FACE!!!



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