Snowden comes home to #theBurbs

  • Workout Date - 11/24/2014
  • Q In Charge - Snowden
  • The PAX - Bartman, Golden Sombrero, Holla, No Strings Attached, Footloose, Blue Hawaii, Radar, Tax Evasion, Mr. Cotter, Amelia, Mrs. Doubtfire, 00, Earthmover, Playdoh, Stewart Smiley, Glee
  • AO -

17 men rolled out of the #fartsack this am and headed to the Burbs to get their  Thanksgiving week started off right for “Get Movin Monday.”  YHC has been down and out for about 2 weeks now with a slight injury and knew the only way to shake it off was to take the Q back home at the Burbs!  Here is what went down….

Warm Up


IW X 5 IC #scratchthathurtback….or #butt

Mosey around the church and circle back up

20 Merkins X 30 sec for 5 rounds #letthemumblechatterbegin

The Burbian Thang

Mosey to our faithful Dora Dungeon, grab a partner and a cinder block for Dora

Curls X 100

Shoulder Press X 200

Flutter Press X 300

With your partner put one hand on cinder block and one on the ground then do Merkins X 15, switch sides and do 15 more

Grab some wall for some 7’s

Dips and Derkins #groaningallover

Mosey up the hill to the parking lot for some Dora Cora with your same partner

LBC’s X 100

Dead Cockroach X 200

Back Scratchers X 300

Mosey back to the warm up spot…

Mosey to front of church by main road..line up for got it Brokeback mountain and wave at the cars going by.  #snowdenspecial

Mosey back to warm up spot

Werkins X 20 X 30 sec for 5 rounds #crowdpleaser

5 MOM (30 sec intervals with no stop)

Leg Throws



Right Arm High Plank

Left Arm High Plank

Diamond merkins X 45 sec AMRAP #heehee


-Praise for Footloose’s friend that is cancer free!

-Prayer for Snowden’s wife having a little procedure today at noon.

-Sign up for the Drifter

-It’s Thanksgiving week men!  Remember to be grateful for all that you have in your life and when you get a chance say hi to someone and PUT A SMILE ON THEIR FACE!

Snowden Out!




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