Snowden borrows a #beatdown from Chaser

  • Workout Date - 10/16/2014
  • Q In Charge - Snowden
  • The PAX - Hardhat, Wiki, Tax Evasion, King James, Earthmover, Keaton
  • AO -

7 Swamp Rabbit faithful rolled out of the #fartsack to head to Graceland for a Snowden lead workout.  YHC has not been able to run lately so he thought he would check a few previous backblasts to see if he could find some new ideas.   Then the thought, who likes to do some of my Pain exercises…..My buddy @Chaser in Cola has some good ones.  YHC stole one of Chasers #beatdowns, tweaked it a little bit and below is how we got better this gloom



Graceland Thang:

Slowsy to parking lot and line up on parking space line in plank

Merkins X 10 IC 4CT

LBC’s X 10 IC 4CT

High Knees across parking lot (20 parking spaces), run backwards to start line and plank up

Werkins x 20

Flutters X 20 IC 4CT

Lunge walk across parking lot, run backwards to start line and plank up

Diamond Merkins x 20

Freddy Mercury x 20 IC 4CT

Butt Kickerss across parking lot, run backwards to start line and plank up

Curb Merkins (one hand on curb/one on ground) X 10 IC 4CT, switch hands and #repeato #crowdpleaser

Russian Twists x 10 IC 4CT

Grab some curb for Irkins X 20 and back to line and plank up

Burbee Broad jump across parking lot, Lunge walk back

Staggered Merkins X 5/each (one arm forward, other one back 1 foot separtation) perform 5 and switch angles

Slowsy to brick wall for more surprises


Dips and Derkins #NowweFEELTHEPAIN


Step-ups and Crab Crunches


Perfect Squats and Irkins

6MOM (30 sec Internvals):

Around the World to right

Around the World to left

Back Scratchers


Coming out of the Grave #Hootiespecial

Elbow Plank


-Anderson Launch this Saturday, meeting at Greenfields for carpool at 6am

-F3 Fall Party on Nov. 1st, $5.00/adult, kids free, costumes if you dare

Always a pleasure to be out there with the PAX and get my head right for the day.  Shout out to @Chaser cause this workout was NO JOKE.  YHC was even #smoked in the Merkin area.  Winter is coming fellas, so bundle up and keep getting better!


Snowden Out!  and don’t forget….PUT A SMILE ON YO FACE!



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  1. Snowden, you need to check when floppy plans to lead the next Gate work out. I think is plans are not far off from 45 minutes of merkins? It might be this week, I have not checked the calendar.

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