Snow Suprise! I'm accumulating

  • Workout Date - 02/24/2023
  • Q In Charge - Blue Hawaii
  • The PAX - Grr, NSA, Erector, spring break, cockroach, pumpkin spice late mocha chai, bio, iTunes, Walley, footloose,
  • AO -

11 Pax resisted the #Fartsack this morning for a coupon smoke fest!
Bio Freeze and YHC started out with a 2 mile warm up run before the rest of the Pax arrived.


25 ssh
10 high knees
5 burpees

The thang

YHC guided the Pax to footlooses truck to grab a coupon or mini coupons. YHC decided to use one of punkin spices bag o tricks…line up on the hill for some beep beep I’m a jeep clank clank I’m a tank! This consisted of duck walking up the hill and pressing the coupon out in front each call was a press. YHC worked in 10x derkins at the top. Rinse and repeat x3! #mummblechatter was stronG

The pax followed YHC for an off campus mosey with our buddy of course el coupon! First stop sign 10 squat jumps OYO! Second stop sign 10 man makers with Coupons. Mosey to memorial! Hey Joe! Joe Hendricks up the front steps 20 Merkins at the top bearcrawl down. Mosey to church parking lot. Line up for Dora with the coupons. 100x squat curls 200x overhead press 300x Merkins…Audible to bench press! Then for some wheel of merkin slide to the right slide to left stop=5 Merkins! Rinse and repeat until shoulders smoked! Grab coupon and stack up neatly beside MUMC family life center. The station now has a home for the coupons. By this time the pax and ground are covered in snow so what should we do yep suicides in the field! Mixed with 30 Merkins and 45 squats. Sprint length of field. Once the pax arrived Indian run back to theStation for Mary


Core without getting on our backs!
Hand walk out thingies
Shoulder touches
10 high knees

Prayers and announcements

-drifter jk
-mud run April 11
-BRR teams getting filled
-Greer soup kitchen opportunity contact YHC if interested.
-hartsville Big Bang this sat
-Asheville Big Bang coming in May

Pray for golden sombreros parents and family
Pray for erectors church mentors as their daughter is suffering from abdominal pain and doctors can’t figure out what’s wrong
Pray for Punkins shift manager and her new addition
pray for Punkins friends who’s house recently burned down
Pray for family of Grrs friend who recently passed unexpectedly. Remember we are not promised another day. Make the best of the time we are here.
Praise for footloose and his family. Daughter excepted Christ over the weekend!

Men as always it is an absolute pleasure to lead you in the gloom! Aye!

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