• Workout Date - 10/05/2022
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - Cockroach, Mr Head, Slick Willy, Erector, iTunes, Alfred, Bob Barker, Shep, Perry Mason, Highwayman, Grrrr, Iceman
  • AO -

13 men escaped the clutches of the #fartsack to post at #TheStation. @Grrrr had lamented to me that he needs more guys to Q. He also mentioned it would be good to take guys #behindthewoodshed….if ya know what I mean #wakeupcall

The Thang:

One legged burpees x5 each leg
#mumblechatter started right away. @SlickWilly made me repeat the called exercise. @Cockroach was heard saying “I’ve never done these”. Once everyone was done, I explained that @Grrr had requested a #Snotwoggler aka #Beatdown…
Plank medley – 3 exercises done in succession without leaving the plank position
Mtn climbers x10 IC
Plank Jacks x10 IC
Plank shoulder touches x10 IC
Side lunge x20 IC
Haigler?? x12 I didn’t know what to call this but @Itunes did……’s performed on your back with legs and arms extended, then bringing them in towards your waist and touching knees to elbows

Count off, 1’s and 2’s…..then mosey to the amphitheater

Group 1 to the far left set up steps and group to the far right. Joe Hendricks up the steps then 6″ until everyone is up top. Once up top…..
Skier squats x10, reg squats x10, sumo squats x10, reg squats x10, skier squats x10 – mosey to the bottom the apmhitheater
Box jump up to the top, 6″ until everyone is up top
Diamond merkins x5, merkins x5, wide merkins x5, merkins x5, Diamond merkins x5 (done without leaving the forward leaning rest position) – mosey to the bottom of the amphitheater #crowdpleaser
Box jump up to the top, 6″ until everyone is up top
Low dolly x10, 45* dolly x10, rosalita x10, 45* dolly x10, Low dolly x10 @Grrr was espcially complimentary of YHC after this set. Something about @EarthMovers Q on Tues. Guess that’s why @Grrr #fartsacked #RunaWaze on Wed

Mosey to the top of the grass field and partner up for Partner Suicides…
P1 runs to first light, merkins x10
P2 Chilcutt (low plank) until P1 returns. P2 runs to second light, merkins x9

Continue to drop a merkin at each light pole, working our way back to the first light pole

Mosey back to the amphitheater. @PerryMason was overheard to say that one side of the steps was shorter than the other. One way to find out – Group 2 goes to the left and Group 1 to the right then Joe Hendricks to the top. 6″ waiting on everyone to get to the top, then…..

Skier squats x15, reg squats x15, sumo squats x15, reg squats x15, skier squats x15 – mosey to the bottom the amphitheater

Box jump up to the top, 6″ until everyone is up top
Low dolly x15, 45* dolly x15, rosalita x15, 45* dolly x15, Low dolly x15

mosey to the bottom the amphitheater where everyone is queuing up to box jump up the steps but YHC pulled a #LeeCorso #notsofastmyfriend

We had just enough time to get a set of 11’s in – derkins and X&O’s

Fast mosey back to the parking lot for BOM/COT.

Naked Moleskin:
– @BobBarker is a #beast. #respect
– The Butler (aka Alfred) has a lot to say during workouts. Sometimes it’s to #pokethebear
– Need guys to step up and lead. It’s not as hard to lead a workout as you think

– HOG Day w/ Gideon’s House – 4/30. F3Dads event as well
– Race for Adoption – 5/7 at Sugar Creek (#RunaWaze backyard)
– Star Command Ultimate Frisbee – 5/14. No @Alfred, there are no baskets for you to throw your disc in

– Grrr’s Coworker – Greg Foster
– Blue’s new job
– Slick Willy’s family – various sickness
– Erector – upcoming work deals
– Perry Mason – church member who’s lost parents
– iTunes – Weebelo trip to DC
– Highwayman’s humility in approaching his marriage

See ya in the gloom…..


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