#snotwoggler prep

  • Workout Date - 06/14/2016
  • Q In Charge - Footloose
  • The PAX - Blue Hawaii, FNG - Brad Belding (Mater), Waco, Highwayman, Compass, Sega, Mr. Head, Bikini, Slick Willy, Perry Mason, Wally, Footloose (QIC)
  • AO -

YHC and others have the Q on 7/9 in Johnson City, TN for the sixth launch workout…aka the #snotwoggler. In order to get prepared YHC is combing through the F3 Exicon (http://f3nation.com/exercises/#p) for some truly unbearable routines. 10 SwampRabbit PAX, 1 Sumter PAX and 1 FNG (Mater) from Michigan decided to join me. #Shoutout to Grrr who is at home recovering with #frozenpeas. See you soon brother!

Below is a what went down:

SSH x 17
IW – x 17 *at this point YHC was pretty amped at what was in store and evidently proceeded to get louder as the count grew. In fact, I heard early #mumblechatter from the circle “can anybody hear the count?”
Introduction of Dancing Bears to #thestation (thank you Thumper from #Pitchfork for that one!) IC x YOLEVEN
Mountain Climbers IC x 20
Dive Bomber Merkins IC x 12 *at this point Blue Hawaii #mumblechatter kicks in saying “you definitely gonna get your warm-up today boys!”
Peter Parkers IC x 12

Next up, mosey over to the fountain which has a 3′ high brick ledge around it. Hop on top for #raccooncrawl around. Basically a Bear Crawl except on a very small ledge which requires balance/coordination and quad strength (which YHC has NONE since #Dirtalope this weekend. #stillsmoked). #OMAHA was called after each PAX got half way around…Definitely bringing this one back! #sneakyhard

Mosey towards UMC with 50 yard lunge walk to Stop sign. Mosey run to second stop sign and drop for 25 x Ranger Merkins OYO
Cross the street and end up at parking lot in front of UMC. YHC announces to the PAX that we are grabbing coupons today and the only way to get there is to Bear Crawl the parking lot UPHILL. #crowdpleaser Great work by everyone!

12 PAX grabbed coupons and proceeded to have some #trainingdayfun Line up the coupons #domnioestyle one in front of the other (approx 3′ apart).
PAX gather at the start and #AlGore #treehugger – first person high-knee box jump over each coupon. When on other end, gather on your six for 6″ and yell GO!
Next PAX up for the same…all 12 PAX completes (while staying in either #AlGore or 6″ position on each end).
Once complete, we have to return from whence we came…this time, Bear Crawl Snake (#slalomstyle) through the line of coupons. #crowdpleaser
This time, PAX in plank at start and various core work at finish…until all PAX complete.

At this point, #mumblechatter was somewhat minimal from the humidity being 1000%. YHC hollers at Blue Hawaii “What’s your favorite workout to Q Blue?” to which he responds unexcitedly #Rinse&Repeat…That’s right! Let’s do it again!

At this point, the PAX knew what was going on and gave 110% through the second round. #tired #battered #exhausted but we persevered and kept pushing strong!
Once complete, the PAX returned coupons and moseyed back to field for MOM.

Introduction of ABC’s – all PAX on your six in 6″ position. As YHC calls out the letter, write the letter with your legs in the air using CAPITAL letters. #crowdpleaser
especially when YHC forgot what comes after “F” #DOH!
One last minute for CaptainThor 1:4 ratio up to 5:20 #PAXsmoked

Awesome work by everyone today! YHC tried to bring a #snotwoggler and hope it met the expectations. Judging by #daTwitta comments, PAX are still drying out!

Prayers for families, marriages
Prayers for Sherpa
Prayers for Spicoli

6/18 #F3Dads at 0815 #Legacy (AFTER normal #beatdown at 0700)
6/25 1 YR Anniversary at #Pitchfork 0600
7/9 #F3SwampRabbit has Q in Johnson City. 4-5 PAC HC, would love to have more join us! Contact YHC for details

FNG – Travelling with #F3Sumteroriginal Waco and was in the area. He resides in Michigan and hates Tomatoes and Mushrooms (most random comments in Name-O-Rama) so he will forever be known to the PAX as “Mater”

Always a pleasure to lead such an awesome group of #HIM Let’s go from this place and make the world better…starting at home with the M’s, 2.0’s, parents, loved ones…continuing throughout the land!



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