Snoopy Dukakis

  • Workout Date - 09/15/2015
  • Q In Charge - Affordable Care Act
  • The PAX - Aflac, Homeward Bound, Cataract, Squeal, Inspector Gadget, Snip-It, Affordable Care Act (YHC), Rusty
  • AO -

Forget the World’s Biggest Ball of Twine, I’ve been asked (okay I volunteered, but I was on the email!) to guest Q at The Tank Yard!  It’s time to show those boys how Pitchfork gets it done….. Spoiler alert:  It’s Metamucil….. mainly Metamucil.  Anyway, 8 PAX must not have read the schedule, because they ignored the fartsack, kicked the rooster in the pants, and showed up anyway.  What’s the worst that can happen when a very liberal (nickname only) character gets near a tank?

Oh boy ….. by the way, I will make every effort to name someone Snoopy Dukakis by year’s end.

Warm Up

SSH X 50 (IC) Note:  Subtle change in direction at 25 to see where their heads were.

Mosey around the baseball fields to get acclimated to my surroundings.  Looks just like Thursday when I tried this…. pitch black.  Oh well, let’s pray for my ankles and depth perception.

The Thang

  • Our mosey came to an end at the playground where somebody (look, I don’t know names yet and I can’t see faces) claims they saw a critter scamper off.  Perfect segue to my Raccoon Walk around the playground!  Note:  YHC almost audibled around the halfway point, but decided this was his Everest, so we finished the deal.
  • Short mosey to the tennis courts for some modified B.L.I.M.PS.  There are five tennis courts, so the PAX lined up on the far sideline and performed Burpees, Lunges, Imperial walkers, Merkin crawl, and Power Squats (broad jumps) across the five courts
  • Rinse and Repeat X 2.  Note:  YHC became concerned he has underestimated the PAX.  I was bringing up the rear with @Squeal and he was coughing up his spleen with a sinus infection.  I already can’t see these guys.  Are they actually ninjas?  Time will tell.
  • Short mosey to the basketball courts.  PAX line up on the sideline and get on their six.  Flutters (IC) to Failure!  Once a PAX’s feet hit the court, they are to turn over and plank until a winner is declared.  These Yardigans wanted to win and this game lasted longer than I thought it would.  War Daddy goes to @Cataract (95% sure) for his triumph.
  • While we’re here, lets do some 17s.  Sideline to sideline 17 times in 70 seconds.
  • Didn’t make it.  Try again.
  • Snow Angels X 20 (IC)
  • Almost made it.  Good enough.  Let’s mosey to this hill I can see thanks to some lights in a nearby parking lot.  It’s Clock Merkin Time!
  • Mosey around the baseball fields one more time.


  • Big Boy situps X 20 (OYO)
  • Plank/6 inches (mumblechatter)
  • Freddy Mercury’s X 25 (IC)
  • Plank/6 inches
  • Mahktars X 15 (IC) (new personal favorite thanks to last visit to The Tank Yard)


We lost @Rusty at 6:00 (time to make the donuts), but gained a drifter the Yardigans either knew or were extremely adept in acting like they weren’t concerned by his presence.  I assumed the former and continued to ask for prayers and announcements.

  • Prayers for @Inspector Gadget’s church and the decisions that lay before them.
  • Gideon’s House is on for September 30th at 5:30am.  Show up and watch God go to work in all of our hearts.
  • Oakview Elementary has a training session for their mentoring program October 2nd at 9:00.  Your obligation will be 30 minutes a week.  I don’t want to go Sally Struthers on you and say that’s like one coffee break a week, but I will.
  • My apologies to the prayers I forgot and thought I recorded.  The drifter was in my head.

Thanks @Squeal for inviting a Pitchfork member out to your AO.  I am a fan.



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