Snap into a SlimJim

  • Workout Date - 02/23/2024
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1D posting for Macho Man

Warm up

Side straddle hop x30
Imperial walker x25

2 lap mosey around the parking lot then head to the playground.

4 corners at the playground
Corner 1 merkin jacks x10
Walking lunges to next corner
Corner 2 mountain climbers x 10
Head to corner 3, of course stop by the picnic tables for box jumps x5 and dips x10
Corner 3 walking merkins x10
Frogger burpees to next corner
Corner 4 squat merkins x5
Head to corner 1 for rinse and repeat

Mosey to the hill out front
2,4,6 burpees on each side of the hill First time sprint up the hill, second time back peddle, third time bear crawl.

Jail break to the wall
Wall sits 30 seconds, 45 seconds, 60 seconds
Wall plank, 30 seconds
Wall plank – alternate knees to elbow(called audible.. That sucked!)

Plank- alternate hands to elbows x10
LBC x25
Flutters x20

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