Smokey's shelter of pain

  • Workout Date - 03/27/2023
  • Q In Charge -
  • The PAX -
  • AO -

6 of the faithful showed up in the cold wet gloom for my 2nd Q.  I had an excellent workout planned but it required a lot of ground work and given the conditions, I scrapped it.  Thus, I spent the next 45 minutes improvising with some hard core pax.

11 x SSH
10 x IW
10 Burpees OYO #frozenhands #whoseideawasthis

Quick mosey to the first picnic shelter of pain
Since we’re totally improvising, all I can say is there was some core, leg and upper body workouts going on.  A particular favorite of the pax was holding six inches while EVERYONE counted off 10.  #flaydidn’tlisten #tooktoomuchtime #lotsofmumblechatter

Short mosey to the second shelter of pain
Again more improvisation with a variety of exercises. #howmanytimesdowehavetocountten?
#didhesay100airpresses? #howmany10countsat6inches? #MOREPLANK? #isthis45MOM?

10 Burpees for Spicoli #we’rehereforyoubrother

Another mosey, loop around for more shelter of pain
#howmany10countsat6inches? #MOREPLANK? #isthis45MOM? #moremumblechatter
Finish up 10counts in plank just in time for 6MOM

50 LBC OYO (singlecount)
25 LBC OYO (singlecount)
30 Flutter in cadence
10 count at 6inches x 6 #moremumblechatter
15 Rosalita
There may have been more flutters and / or planking for 10counts in there as well – it was all improv. there was #lotsofmumblechatter!

Prayers for Spicoli
Prayers for Flay – new baby is coming soon
Thanksgiving workout at 7am – CONVERGENCE at Conesttee Park
Speedy recovery to TBC

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