Smokey the Polar Bear

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  • Workout Date - 09/23/2023
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13 PAX (incl 1 FNG) strapped on their bigboy pants and most certainly did NOT #fartsack on the first truly cold morning of the season for Smokey the Bear’s VQ at The Tank Yard. Smokey promised that we’d be letting “the animal” out and the PAX were not disappointed.

Flay posting for Smokey the Bear


SSH x 25 (in cadence)

IW x 25 (in cadence)

Mosey to the baseball field for the main thang

The Thang

Frost-fingered Ark Loader #crowdpleaser

Pair up. One partner exercises while the other goes out and back.

9 rounds:

Upper Body:

Animal out, crab walk back



Carolina Dry Docks #fingersgettingcold


Air presses #canyoufeelyourhands?


Plank up till everybody’s done


Duck Walk Out, Frog Hop back



Lunges #helloquads


Starburst #dammitSnowdenandyourstupidexercise



Bear Crawl out, Spider crawl back (lots of #mumblechatter about that spider crawl. YHC will definitely have to incorporate)



Freddie Mercury




Plank up till everybody’s done #smoked

A little Infantry Training (the PAX have officially dubbed this The World’s Worst Burpee)

Full sprint to the cones, hit the deck halfway out, back on your feet, and sprint to the finish, mosey back

Repeato x 5

Q takes a fall during demo has to combat roll out of it, bangs up his shoulder

Hot Lap around the park and circle up for Mary


Leg Throws x 21 (in cadence)

Back Scratcher x 30 something (in cadence)

OYO LBC x 50 (single count)

Audible due to time remaining: 10 burpees OYO


  • Major T-Claps to Smokey the Bear on his VQ. YHC has no quads anymore. They’re not even sore. They’re just… gone…
  • T-Claps to the Tank Yard PAX for stepping up to Q. That’s two VQs this week at the Tank Yard and 4 total VQs in the 3 weeks since our big bang. Dexter has his VQ next Tuesday, so let Flay or T.B.C. know when you’re ready to step in (ahem: Bunyon, Baby Nate). Next step for y’all is to fashion some shovel flags
  • Pretty sure several PAX (Dexter) will be investing in some gloves for next week #chillyhands
  • Dine Out for Mom is TODAY. Get out and eat. Dinner convergence at 1800 at Papas and Beer
  • Thankful for Semper’s school issues getting worked out
  • LIfting up Semper’s family for their health issues and procedures coming up
  • Praying for guidance for Sanchez as he works to make a personnel decision at work


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