Smoked Q (tastes like chicken??)

  • Workout Date - 03/16/2013
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - Slimfast, Barbara, Wifi (WD), Saltlick, Freeze Dry, Baby Nate, Third Tier Lean, FNG - Worth W. (to be named at next post)
  • AO -

9 Coneys posted round the VSF in what felt like tropical temps at the swamp.

The Thang:

Little jaunt around the campus
-SSH x20 (IC)
-Mountain climber x15 (IC)
-IW x 14 (IC)

Mosey to the hill for…
The Beast – each exercise x5 at each cone (total of 25). Early finishers plank until everyone is done (after each exercise)
– burpees @ each cone
– lbc @ each cone
– squat @ each cone
– merkin @ each cone

Mosey to wall at the Fern for…
People’s chair x2

Hit the sandbox for…
– Bear crawl down, mosey back
– Lunge walk, mosey back

Partner up for…
– Plank hand shake 5 each hand, flapjack, repeato
– Press up/ push up x5, flapjack
– Plank jump over (one person planks while the other jumps side to
side over their legs) x8, flapjack, repeato
– Dips (one partner in crab position, while the other does dips) x10, flapjack, repeato
– Leg push down L,M,Rx4, flapjack, repeato

Mosey to the field for…
– Karaoke L (up the hill and back)
– Karaoke R (up the hill and back)
– Backwards run (up the hill and back) repeato (second time sprint home)

Mosey down the hill for …
– Spider-Man merkin x10 (hold plank)
– breakdance merkin x10 (hold plank)
– derkin w/ squat x10, flapjack
– wide merkin x10 (hold plank)
– merkin x10 (hold plank)

Mosey back up the hill for…
– Bicycle x20 (IC)
– Dolly x15 (IC)
– Flutter x14 (IC)
– Rosalita x 17 (IC)
– Dead cockroach x 15 (IC)

Our thoughts are with several PAX who are dealing with knee injuries. Here’s to a quick recovery for @nippler, @spurrier and @jenner.

Naked Moleskin
Well I went out and smoked myself again. At least this time I lasted the entire workout.
A good many of the PAX were running the St. Patrick’s Day 5k/10k downtown supporting @One Direction’s M and her charity –
Lot of good work out there today.
-Especially worth mentioning was @saltlick. He did most of the exercises like he was shot out of a cannon #realdeal. Always great to host F3ers from other areas #learningexperience
-@BabyNate and @saltlick  were spotted doing a good many extra merkins #myheros
Not much #mumblechatter out there today – good thing @Moniteur wasn’t here.  He would’ve been disappointed.


– Spartan Sprint next weekend


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