• Workout Date - 09/25/2014
  • Q In Charge - Blue Hawaii #VQ
  • The PAX - Erector, Alfred, Itunes, Walley, Foot Loose, Gur, Fix it Felix, Lizard Lick, Monacle, Prof. Plum, Bio Freeze, Splinter, Stump, Rerun, Playdoe
  • AO -

16 men crawled out of the fart sack this morning to find a stack of cinder blocks at the station! “Are we roasting marshmallows today?” No that’s a smoke stack of blocks that are going to cook your legs, arms,and back! Grab a block!

The Thang
Circle up around the Stack
SSH x 10IC
Merkins x 10IC
Karate Kid 10IC
Tony Horton’s 10 each side OYO

Mosey over to the parking lot by the Hydro Pond

Dora x 3
Partner up (while one partner is crushing through block reps the other partner sprints the parking lot)

Cinder Block Curls in a squat positon x 100
Cinder Block Over head press X 200
Cinder Block Bench Press legs at 45 x 300

Mosey with your block to the amphitheater The Pax felt like we needed a break so we stopped at the parking lot in front of the playground for some Derkins with Cinder blocks x 100. Mosey with block to the amphitheater to line up for an Indian run around front parking lot and on the last leg of the run ….. Jail Break back to the amphitheater.

Pain Stations (Partner Up)
1. Dips while partner carries block up and back down
2. Werkins while partner carries block up and back down
Erector informed Blue Hawaii if we wanted to get Mary in we needed to mosey so we headed back to where it all started 
Burpees x 10
Squat Presses x 10
Erectors x 30ish
Call out for a few more exercises that i cant recall due to VQ exhaustion…
Great work this morning men! I highly enjoyed and feel very blessed to be a part of such an incredible group! A big Thank you to Alfred for pushing me to Q! It was truly invigorating and it was awesome to introduce several Pax to the Cinder block beat down! Do it right do it light…Do it wrong do it long! You boys do it right! AYE!
Announcement and Prayer Requests
F3 Connect was a Huge Success! Next F3 Connect will be Oct 15..
Pray for Golden Sombrero and his family
Continue to Pray for Tim Bright as Lizard Lick informed us this morning he is not well and the family is praying for a miracle.
Praise for Erector’s first placement! God is Great!
Pray that Gur’s big project going on at work will be a success…


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