Slug's Return Q

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  • Workout Date - 05/15/0010
  • Q In Charge - Slug
  • The PAX - T-Bag, Muffin Monster, Mr. Burns, Gluten (Respect), Swift (Hate), Dupelo, Shinner, Brown Shorts, Keystone, Woopee, Seal, Quaker (Respect), Tiny Dancer (Hate), Carl's Jr. (Respect), Missing, Stem Cell, Inspector Gadget (Respect), Ukilis, Boomhower, Gauge, Slug
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21 brave souls resisted the fartsack this morning to indulge YHC for his return Q.  It has been about 2 months since my last  Q.  The weather was clear and a cool 57 degrees.  Here is what went down.
-SSH x 25 IC
-Hillbillies x 15 IC
-Windmills x 15 IC

Mosey around church and to the brick pile, collect coupon and head to the shelter

The Thang:
Pushup Pyramid
-10 left leg elevated
-9 dive bombs
-8 knee to chest (alt knees)
-7 clapping pushups
-6 knee to elbow (alt knees)
-6 knee to elbow (alt knees)
-7 clapping pushups
-8 knee to chest (alt knees)
-9 dive bombs
-10 right leg elevated

Back & Shoulder Super Set
-5 Pullups
-10 bent over lat pulls with block
-10 military press with block
(Rinse & Repeat for 3 sets)

Return block to pile and mosey to the hill

Now time to lock sweaty arms and do 11’s on the hill. Started out with 10 lunges (10 each leg) at the bottom of the hill and backwards walk up the hill for 1 squat. You know the drill, continue process till 1 lunge each leg and 10 squats at the top.

We did this as peoples choice, 10 reps of each exercise. I think this is what we did:
Hills to Heaven
Freddie Mercury’s
LBC with Flutters
Reverse LBC
Reverse Freddie Mercury

-Quickie had his twins, congratulations to him and his family!
-Easley launches September 26th.  Everyone come out to support this launch
-Gideon House in Greenville launches on September 30th
-Nov. 7 Knoxville, Augusta and Savannah launches all on same day.
-Oct. 8 is golf tournament for GCOD’s adoption of a child in China
-T claps for all of the F3 men out there stepping up and fostering and adopting kids.  There are a lot of them out there, if you know them, help them out with food, baby sitting anything.

-Swifts friends going to Basic Training
-Quakers wife is having surgery, pray everything goes well and for a quick recovery
-Slugs life is in the hands of a friend flying us out to Louisville today in his small airplane for the Clemson game.  Pray for safe flight out and back.
-Dupelo’s father had a good report from the doctor.  Also, Dupelo and several members of their church split.  Pray for church he left as well as everyone to get adjusted at the new church.
-Inspector Gadgets church also going through some changes


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