Slug's 1 Year Anniversary Q

  • Workout Date - 04/15/0014
  • Q In Charge - Slug
  • The PAX - Duplo, Keystone, Tiny Dancer, Seal, Brown Shorts, Don Ho, Red Wire, Youkilis, Alex Dresco (FNG - FourTran), Jangles, Daniel Steele, Tbag, Lake Effect, Carls Jr., Taylor Swift, Quaker, Woopee, Slug
  • AO -

It has been 1 year since I first showed up at Powder Keg in the rain on a cold December morning not knowing what was in store for me and knowing no one.  Little did I know some crazy guy named Seal was leading the workout that morning and had an evil plan to punish those who decided to get out the bed to better themselves that morning.  To Commemorate that day one year ago, I decided to repeat that same brutal workout.  This decision was two-fold.  One to punish those who were not in attendance that day and missed out, and two to gauge my improvement over the past year.  Remarkably, after enduring this workout on a cold, rainy December day, I decided to come back for more.  I enjoyed it so much, I even convinced 6 other guys to join in the fun throughout this past year.  I can say that this workout still sucked just as bad as it did a year ago, but the pain was much more bearable and instead of being at the back of the PAX I was second, behind Seal.  For those of you just beginning this journey, hang in there.  It doesn’t get easier, you just get better and you feel less likely to spill Merlot (most days).

Last year it was cold and rainy and we had 8 PAX.  This year, it was 64 degrees and wet and 18 total PAX were in attendance.  Lucky for me, we did have a FNG show up this morning.  Hopefully he, like me will be hooked and will continue to come back and he will continue this same workout tradition next year this time.

Here is what went down:
-SSH X 30 IC
-Imperial Walker X 15 IC
-Merkin X 15 IC
-Air Squats X 15 IC
-Mountain Climbers X 15 IC
-Monkey Humpers X 15 IC (Once again it got quiet on this one!)

The Thang
Mosey around the church to the driveway.

-Jacobs Ladder:  Merkins at bottom of the hill, Burpees at top of the hill (60 Yards between). X 10
YHC noted that several of the PAX were walking between the merkins and burpees, this was a good indication of the suck they were enduring 🙂
-Plank till everyone was done then commence with the Hip Dips X 10 IC

Mosey to B-Ball court.

-Jack Webbs:  Merkin/Air Press with 1:4 ratio.  Count up to 7:28 and then back down to 1:4
-Werkins X 10 IC

Jail Break to SF for 5 MOM. Peoples Choice X 10 IC. Can’t remember all we did, but I believe we got in 7 different ones.

-Jan 1st Big convergence in Charlotte.  Seal is planning to go, get with him if interested in going.
-Pitchfork doing convergence here in Simpsonville on Jan. 1st
-Jan 23rd is Convergence in Spartanburg at Star Command, big breakfast afterwards
-Need Q’s to step up, calendar is still down, so get with Brown Shorts if you want to Q.  Remember one of the goals of F3 is to foster male leadership, so time to step up and lead if you haven’t done so or haven’t done so in a while.
-Pray for Glutens mother, she is back in the hospital
-Swift getting his license (pray for us all!), Tiny Dancer has permit test same day.
-Pray for first responders and Military.  If you have not done so lately, thank them for their service!
-Pray for Youkilis’ friend who is struggling with an addiction right now.  Pray that God will give him strength and self control to overcome it.
-Slugs very sick puppy that is costing him dearly in Vet bills



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