Slug Recovery Retrogression

  • Workout Date - 01/25/2017
  • Q In Charge - Abacus
  • The PAX - Flowrider, Whittle, Beanie Weenie, BOGO, Waterboy, Woodwind, Partner, Fargo, FNG (Fender Bender), FDIC, 12th Man, Abacus (QIC)
  • AO -

Slug gave us a beat down on Monday that left us sore and then he didn’t show up this am for the much deserved mubblechatter. So this felt about like drinking chocolate milk after a workout.

05:30 strikes and the warmup begins take-off, just then BOGO splits to greet FNG. No it’s not Al Borland (credit to 12th Man) it turns up to be Fender Bender (name subject to change). Disclaimer distributed, 12 PAX begin.


  • Side straddle hop, IC x20
  • Windmill, IC  x10
  • Imperial Walker, IC x20
  • Tempo Merkin, IC x10
  • Split Lunges while Fargo retrieves the FNG some gloves
  • Monkey Humpers, IC x15


  • 25 yards broad jump
  • 25 yard lunges
  • Mosey the rest of the way to collect a coupon, deposit coupon at concrete bleachers
  • Merkin Moutain up concrete bleachers (1 merkin on first bleacher, increase # of merkins with each climb to 7 and back down – 49 merkins total)
  • Count off to create 4 groups of 3 PAX each.
    • Relay: 1 PAX takes 1/4 mile run around track while the other 2 PAX alternate between exercises. When PAX completes his run, he tags a PAX until all 3 PAX complete the run. The 2 exercises were climbing top of bleachers for a Bobby Hurley and block curls.
    • Relay – Rinse and Repeat with change in 2 exercises to be 25 dips and Overhead Block Presses. (Block Press, NOT air press with block or you will be corrected with BOGO laughter)
  • Return coupons and Mosey back to flag


  • Sweat Angles, IC x10
  • Air Humps, IC x 20 (to honor humpday)
  • Freddy Mercury, IC x 20
  • Split Lunges until 06:15 sharp (about 30 seconds)



  • 2/4 – Dangler 6k


  • NewSpring College Students having medical issues

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