Slow Burn in the Tank Yard

  • Workout Date - 12/03/2015
  • Q In Charge - Squints
  • The PAX - Weed Whacker, Inspector Gadget, White Walker, Hermie, Clapper, Cataract, Caviar, AFLAC, Homeward Bound, Sanchez, Paper or Plastic (Birthday Boy-40!), Squints (YHC)
  • AO -

13 PAX came out to celebrate YHC’s VQ, fearing excessive planks and hoping to get warm.  Although the original plan was for a truly awful Plank-o-Rama (See 12/29 for next Squints Q- working title “Abs-olutely Horrible), YHC was challenged to do something else.  Knowing the gloom of the Tank Yard would be filled with skinny runner types, YHC opted for a slow burn, followed by a short mosey to Hermie’s Hollow for more fun and a moderately higher pace.

Conditions:  39 degrees and damp

Warm up:

SSH x 20 IC

IW x 20 IC

Windmill x 10 IC

The Thang:

Mosey to the Tennis Courts for SLO-MO Pyramid

(5,10,15 of each exercise- start at 5 reps Rinse & Repeat 2x to 15 reps)

  1. 9 count Tea Baggers (3 down, 3 hold, 3 up slow count)
  2. 9 count Merkins (3down, 3 hold, 3 up)
  3. 6 count Snow Angels (3 out, 3 in)

Round 1 (5 reps) was meh/easy, Round 2 (10) was still meh, but Round 3 (15) saw a marked decrease in mumblechatter…  YHC should’ve ditched Round 1, and gone 10-15-20 instead… next time…

Mosey to Hermie’s Hollow for the Carousel of Suck- 3 stations with transitions  Mumblechatter returned on the run to the Hollow and into the first round, but quickly subsided and was replaced with a quiet which YHC chooses to interpret as having done his job for the morning.

  1. (@ South Ramp) 5 Burpees OYO, then Lunge Walk to wall, then
  2. 10 Derkins OYO, then Bear Crawl to North Ramp, then
  3. 15 LBCs OYO, then run up North Ramp and around to South Ramp
  4. Plank until all PAX return to station 1, R & R 3x

Mosey to Courts for abbreviated Plank-o-Rama (30 seconds each without break- elbow plank, left side plank, elbow plank, right side plank, elbow plank)

Short MARY- Banana Supermans 10x, Plank Jacks 10 x IC, Pretzel Crunches 20x IC


Announcements: F3 Christmas Party Dec 12 at Chez Padre (see Preblast and don’t forget to vote on awards)

Prayer Requests:

  1. Chris, Abbey and Grayson on swift recovery
  2. Weed Whacker’s F-I-L
  3. Prayers for Gideon House Crew- FNG (Red Bull) for strength to remain on the path & Cheney for faith and trust in His plan

YHC is grateful for F3 and the PAX at Tank Yard, Dawn Patrol and Gideon House and for the support shown every day. Feeling uplifted every day for the past 11 weeks is an amazing thing.

God Bless each of you.


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