Slippery 17

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  • Workout Date - 02/20/2018
  • Q In Charge - Flay
  • The PAX - Squints, Cropduster (FNG), 3 Buck Chuck, Crash, Tua-Tua (FNG), Hot N Ready, Satisfry, LIBOR, Junk Bond, Rainbow Dash, Iceman, Peta, Stewie, Change Order, Weedwacker, Latka
  • AO - Main Thang

February? More like WETuary, AMIRITE?

After a dry fall and holiday season, seems like we’ve moved to the Pacific Northwest of late. Case in point: the swamp-like conditions in the the backyard and the muddy pawprints that, despite YHC’s best efforts, the dogs keep making all over the house. I guess it could be worse and be down in that no-man’s land of high 30s and wet, but, if you ask me, give me that 20’s and clear any day of the week.

But I digress. I knew that the only way to un-ass myself from the fartsack in this February soup,  was to comply with Crash’s monthly “The Calendar needs filling, dammit” email, so we grabbed the first available slot and prayed that we’d get a window in the rain.

Conditions at 0450: mid-50’s and foggy. Close enough for government work. 17 rabbits, along with 2 FNGs, sidled up under Winged J-Lo to do work.

Here we go:


SSH x 17 IC

MC x 17 IC

Hand release Merkins x 17 IC

Teabaggers x 17 IC

Mosey up towards the Stairway to Heaven


Frank Martin up the incline between Grace and the parking garage. Pause for Latka to make an Anger Management joke and on up to the top.

Over to the Stairway to Heaven

3 rounds

10 Werkins at the bottom / hit every step to the top / 7 jumpsquats

Repeato for 3 total rounds

Quiet for those getting some sleep in the entryway

Latka pulls a Sugar Ray and shells the field.

Six inches waiting for the six. (heh)

Mosey on up toward One City Plaza. On into Hell tower.

Partner up

Catch Me If You Can Redux

Partner 1 bear crawls the incline.

Partner 2 completes Russian Twists x 17 and jail break to catch partner 1

Flapjack, rinse repeato all the way up.

For those counting, that’s 7 floors up.

PETA wins the comment competition: “This sounded like a horrible idea, and it’s so much worse.” #crowdpleaser

Newly shorn and aerodynamic Satisfry takes his turn off the front with the bear crawl leaving LIBOR gasping to catch up. #wheelhouse

Plankety-plank at the top for the six.

Mosey on back down the stairs into the weird-ass thing (technical term) in the middle of One City Plaza.

3 Rounds

On the weird ass thing: 10 incline merkins /  7 box jumps. Rinse, repeato 3x

On the weird ass thing: 10 dips / 7 derkins. Rinse, repeato 3x #badidea

Mosey on back down Main.

Pause at the Pig Mini-plaza

Squats x 17 IC

Bigboys x 17

Latka/PETA begin a hopeful stumble forward before being put  back in their place.

Lunges x 17

At which point, YHC manages to disregard the “SlipperyWhen Wet” sign in the plaza and dang near performs an Unintentional Split. Luckily managed to fumble through the landing, Kerri Strugg-style and avoid becoming a human wishbone.

As you go back to the flags.


Flutters x 17 IC

LBC x 17 IC

Backscratcher x 17 IC

Dying cockroach x 17 IC



  • Questions came early and often about the number 17 and why it was everywhere in the workout. Just turned out oddly that we had 17 PAX (which we didn’t notice until countarama). Apolitically, I just wanted to honor and remember the 17 souls needlessly taken last week in Florida. I don’t pretend to know the answers, but I do know we need to figure some out. Would love to discuss this further with anybody.
  • Welcome to FNGs Cropduster (who likes to cut the cheese during Mary) and Tua-Tua (who vehemently hates all things Bama). Don’t be strangers, boys.
  • Praise for 3 Buck Chuck: 1 YEAR CANCER FREE!!!!
  • Prayers for Junk Bond’s Grandmother (Mary). 90 years strong and fighting off the flu
  • Prayers for the women whom the flu rocked so badly that her immune system attacked her heart and is now awaiting a transplant at MUSC.

As always, my honor.



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