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  • Workout Date - 12/06/2014
  • Q In Charge - T.B.C.
  • The PAX - Satisfry, WiFi, Caviar, Flay, San Diago, Beavis, Grilled Cheese on a Sheep#couldgoalotofplaceswiththisone, Ginger Spice, T.B.C.
  • AO -

9 pax arrived in the gloom for a little T.B.C. #skunkwork session. Thanks to those who chose to post and indulge me in my creative endeavors. Some did not work. Some worked. Some worked to well. #sorenessensues

#skunkworks #1 Superman wall ups. Idea was to work out the lower back area. Lean over a short wall. Touch ground with hands then lift your hands and feet in the air like superman. #thiswasatoughone #fail

#skunkworks #2 One Armed Handstands. Assume the hip slapper position. Lift right arm up for a 15 count, both hands down for 15, left arm up for 15(ish). #sneakyhard #Caviarsniffles #modifytoashortercountandthisworks

#skunkworks #3 Column Climbers- partner up for size. Lift partner 1 to top of column. Partner 1 helps 2 to top. Both climb down repeat with 2 starting up first. #fail

Mosey to Mt. Hollingsworth
20 box jumps on the way #YHChatesthese

#skunkworks #4 Zirdodge-(Phonetic spelling of Joe Hendrix backwards) -Joe Hendrix down Mt. Hollingsworth. #smokers #winner

#skunkworks #5 Hell Burpees- start at bottom of Mt. Hollingsworth. Lean into steep hill to a plank postion. Start burbee lifting your feet uphill to where your hands were.Jump. Repeato until you reach the top. #winnerwinnerchickendinner

#skunkworks #6 Around the Clock- Start halfway down Mt. Hollingsworth in a plank position up hill. Merkin then rotate right. Merkin then rotate right. Repeat until you rotate around a circle. Q chose to do 8 merkins. Repeato backwards. #winner #couldbedoneonbleachers

Next was a circuit utilizing our new friends – lunge across top of Mt. Hollingsworth ; zirdodge down; hell burpees up; lunge back to start #whatwastheQthinking? #QsFavorite

Slow squat-touch ankles at bottom going up and down to the Q’s count. #Qcountsslow

Mosey to the new pond in Braden and find a rock

#skunkworks #7 Plank Rockovers- elbow plank with rock on outside of left wrist. grab rock with right hand and move over to right then grab rock with left hand and move back to left…repeato X 20 #winner #toughontheelbows

#skunkworks #8 Russian Triple V’s- the Russian Triple finishing to a V-up. #winner #coreissore

Mosey back to SF and Q realizes we still have dry shoes. All Pax stand in a puddle #youtooWiFi – touch toes. Are they wet? Yes! Carry on

10 spicoli’s
bear crawl to the sidewalk or until the Q can’t move #Qissmoked #propstoGCODFLAYSANDIAGOlongbearcrawl

Flutters X ?
Dead Cockroaches X ?

Praise for Flays family in accident
Pray for Ginger Spices friend’s health
Pray for Inspector Gadget’s family
Pray for Beavis’s family



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