SkunkWorks – "The S4"

  • Workout Date - 11/08/2014
  • Q In Charge - Murdock
  • The PAX - Holla, Phil Dunfee, Tricycle, Look Out Below, Certus, WiFi, Clapper, Ling Long, Sanchez, Epee, Punch Out, Scuba Steve, Tesh, Sadiq, Santiago, Little Blue Pill
  • AO -

The S4: The Simple, Stupid, Slide that Sucked

So, Team Spearhead Greenville took longer than anticipated and I was late to my impromptu Q (just signed up the night before). Thanks to Scuba Steve for stepping up until we got back. Nothing really on the “plate” except… The “plates!”  A half mile plate push (hair burner style), Indian run with bear crawls and lunges…

Quite simple, gather the pax, and do a slow mosey to the drop point which was about a half mile away from the flag. Low and behold, two 35lb plates await our arrival. At the drop point, break into two teams. Now, time for an Indian run with a twist. The team does bear crawls (alternating with lunges EO plate push) while the last man pushes a 35lb plate along the ground to the front where he leaves the plate and assumes bear crawls (or lunges) until the last man arrives at the plate and resumes pushing the plate to the front of the line… Rinse and repeat for a half mile #downpainment.

Arrive at the circle and do “Bring Sally Up” passing the 35lb plates on each iteration.

Six MOM 4 Ct. Flutters x 40 4 Ct. LBCs x 50

Circle of Trust – Welcome FNG, “Vick Favre” (as in Michael Vick and Bret Favre – he’s a big Steelers fan)

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