Silly Swamp Rabbit, blocks aren't for kids!

  • Workout Date - 10/13/2014
  • Q In Charge - Footloose
  • The PAX - Bartman, Bib, Amelia, No Strings Attached, Bill Nye, Mall Walker, Ahnold, Mrs. Doubtfire, Zipit, Earthmover, Playdough, Tax Evasion, Slap-Chop, Blue Hawaii, Golden Sombrero, Footloose
  • AO -

16 men denied the #fartsack on a beautiful soggy Monday.  No time like the present to better yourself in the eyes of the Lord along with a PAX hungry for destruction.

Standard F3 Swamp Rabbit warmup – SSH – IC, EW – IC (No Bartman – I’m not doing Fairy Jacks!) finish off with Tony Horton’s.

The Thang:
Mosey down to the parking lot avoid the cones, puddles and sniper that almost took YHC out!  Suicides with 20 Merkins at home base each time (100 total).  Rinse and Repeat
Suicides with 20 Russian Twists at home base each time (100 total).  Rinse and Repeat
Suicides with 20 Flutters at home base each time (100 total).

Now that we are thoroughly soaked from the rain puddles, lets’ mosey down to the old gym, partner up for 1,2,3 Dora with Coupons (borrowed this one from Blue Hawaii).  PAX was thrilled!  #silentmumblechatter

100 x cinder block curls from squat position
200 x cinder block overhead press
300 x cinder block bench press with legs at 45*

Stop off at MRCA for People’s Chair (combination of arm swings, right leg high, left leg high).  Mosey around church for 6MOM – Rosalita, In & Out’s, heals to heaven + 6 inches

I must ask the PAX to forgive me as I did not fill their morning with a full #beatdown (6:22 finish time).  Though Ahnold informed YHC after the fact that he knew full well that we had a few minutes left but wasn’t going to say.  I will certainly keep my eye on the clock next time (which is tomorrow at #TheStation for those that want to come get some!).

Prayer Requests:
Pray for Bill Bomar (sp?) father of No Strings Attached battling colon cancer and is not expected to make it past the next few weeks.

Congrats to all who crossed the finish line over the weekend at the Bodyweight Beast Challenge (Amelia, Aloha, Floppy, NatureBoy and YHC).  T-Claps to Amelia and Aloha for finishing top 5 Friday night AND in the finals on Saturday.

Anderson launch this Saturday 10/18 at the Civic Center – Electric City has the Q!  Come out and support him and the new found AO.

Be on the lookout in Wednesday’s weekly email for a Survey to help vote for the first annual F3 Swamp Rabbit awards to be given out during the Fall Blast (11/01)

To that point, 11/01 F3 Fall Blast!  Make sure you have signed up and sent your money via PayPal.  Flay will be bringing the Q (BBQ that is!)  M’s and 2.0’s welcome to join.  $5 per adult

– Footloose


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