Sight Unseen

  • Workout Date - 02/23/2024
  • Q In Charge - Bartman
  • The PAX - Alfred, Hardee's, Snowden, Ahnold, 00 (Double Aught), Footloose, Wally, Biofreeze, Play-Doh, Stump, Lizard lick, Blue Hawaii, Professor Plum, Punkin Spice, Bartman
  • AO -

15 rolled out of the fartsack and put in their daily downPAINment.

First exercise is…..SmurfJacks x 15
Merkins x 12
Imperial Walkers x 20
LBC x 20

The Station Thang:
Mosey from the Station launching pad up to Trade street. YHC had only been on Trade Street to brink a couple beers and to eat pizza (unintentional Wild Aces plug). Grad a partner, preferably someone that you haven’t worked with. From the top of Trade street run down to the 2nd bunch of cones….PAX all in unison say “the second cone, did you mean first”? NO, get moving…
Partner 1 runs to the second cone while Partner 2 completes the below exercises: Rinse and repeat until complete
Merkins x 100
Perfect Squats x 200 (with SanDiego not being around, Snowden demonstrated a perfect squat for the PAX)
Workins x 300 (YHC arms were shaking to the point of wanting to audible… chance, lets push through it) For those animals that finished as my partner and I hit 200 workens…..start back from the beginning.

Grab some wall for Peoples Chair with arms over your head
Right leg out
Left leg out
Balls to the Wall for 5 skull crushers

Mosey to the amphitheater for a quick arc loader:
Bear crawl up the first set of stairs
Crab walk down the second flight
Bear crawl up the third set of stairs

Mosey to the playground for some Painstations: split into 3 groups Group 1: runs around the inner loop
Group 2: does pull ups until group 1 returns
Group 3: does dips until group 1 returns
Rinse and repeat x 3

Russian Twist x 15
In&Outs x 15
LBC x 15
Plank exercises x 2min

Naked Moleskin:
What an AWESOME AO, this was the first time YHC has been able to make it out to #thestation, it won’t be my last. Great leadership and growing like crazy. Keep up the good work.

We talked about the young man that was sitting by himself in the amphitheater, we have all been in a place like that and is just another reminder of how impactful F3 is (or can be on those who haven’t been to an F3 workout) on our lives.

Launch of Anderson 10/18, send any and all contact information to
Men’s Roundtable next Friday, October 10th at 615AM, Grace Church Downtown

Prayers and Praises:
Prayers go out to all of our military
Prayers go out to Golden for his dad and son.
Prayers go out to Tydre and his family has he adapts to being home.

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