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  • Workout Date - 07/10/2014
  • Q In Charge - Flay
  • The PAX - Caviar, Updike, Libor, Graceland, Latka, Saddle Sore, Aloha, Risky Business, Stuey, Handy Manny, Washer, Punch Out, Highlights, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Denied
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The first time I came across the concept of The Sifter was a BB written by @Uncle for the F3 Expansion Team’s incursion down here to prep us for the F3 Spartanburg Big Bang. Appropriately, the title of that post was “Breaking Down Barriers”. Towards the end, we see The Sifter pop up:

“We never know what we are getting into when traveling to other regions, Tclaps brothers, it was awesome to meet such a fine group!!  It furthers my belief that F3 doubles as a sifter of high quality men.”

Of course, I ran into The Sifter concept again when reading Freed to Lead in much more depth. It’s something that’s been top of my mind of late as I came up on my 1-year anniversary with all you weirdos. Looking back, it’s been an amazing year, and on so very many levels. Those of you that read my blubbering BB from last week’s Q at #TheBurbs will recognize the sentiment.

My Sifter has had the hell shaken out of it over the past year, and I’m amazed to see all the faces, new and old, that remain. I’m also amazed when I look in the mirror and into my heart to see what my internal Sifter has left behind.

What a year. Enough blubbering…

16 PAX sauntered out of the Gloom to see what YHC had in store for his F3 Birthday (one day early) coming back to the spiritual home of F3 Swamp Rabbit. Here’s what went down.

Moment of Silence

In honor of the two young men who lost their lives in the car crash to which the BeastSide Boys responded yesterday.


SSH x 20 IC

IW x 20 IC

MC x 20 IC


Mosey to the bridge/feet up on the stone rail

Derkins x 20 OYO (That’s the first exercise I ever performed with F3, courtesy of @Debit)

Mosey down the ramp to the first floor of the parking garage/partner up

Dora 123 (backpedal the deck ramp/burpee at the top. Add a burpee each time up)

Reverse MCs x 100

Werkins x 200 #crowdpleaser

Flutters x 300

Mosey to the amphitheater

Pitstop: 20 supine pullups OYO on the rail

Into the amphitheater

Qbert 11s (#crowdpleaser as Latka starts mumbling choice words under his breath regarding YHC’s mother and heritage)

Incline Merkins at the bottom/box jump the top

Dips at the top/box jump down

Mosey Back to the plaza

Pitstop: Joe Hendrix up the stairs (another #crowdpleaser and surprisingly a new one to a lot of the PAX as it was once a #MainThang staple)

Pain Stations (3 groups. All timed on the Wall Walkers. Rotate once the WWs are done.)

Wall Walkers

Burpee box jumps


Only enough time to complete one circuit.


LBCs x 20 IC

Dead Cockroach x 20 IC

Dollies x 20 IC

Six inches/hold


  • Great work by the guys. Saw a lot of faces that are new to me, which is very much a good thing. Wonder what it’ll look like in a another year?
  • Q School on 7/22 at the Main Thang. Preblast here.
  • F3 Greer is launching on 8/9. Twitter handle is @F3Greer. Send FNG emails to
  • Sign up for the Mudrun
  • Massive praise for Erector’s good test result! #Headbandnation
  • Prayers and condolences to the families who lost their sons in yesterday’s crash and for a solid recovery from the one survivor
  • Prayers for our F3 Brothers who were first on the scene at the crash. It was pretty much a horror scene, so keep your eyes and ears open to make sure they’re ok
  • Anybody suffering in silence (which is all of us to some degree)

Again, what a year. There’s no way I can put it any better or as succinctly as TBC did last week in his post, so I’ll leave it at this: ditto what TBC said (minus the drink less beer part. Still working on that).

Thank you, brothers. I’m beyond humbled that the Sifter has put me in your midst. You’ve made me a better man… One that not only does Hard Stuff, but one that now seeks Hard Stuff. If there’s ever anything I can do for any of you let me know.



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