#SideStraddleHATE, Ode to the SSH

  • Workout Date - 08/27/2015
  • Q In Charge - LongBottom
  • The PAX - The Hard Hat, Ahhhnold, Pumpkin, Slap Chop, Mustang Sally, Padre, Billy Ray, Homeward bound
  • AO -

It has been many months since YHC has Posted at #daBurbs.  This is where I took the LRP and have never looked back.  I have been planning to add it as a regular on my work-out schedule but the fartsack has been strong.  Maybe today will be the start to renewing my attendance to one of my original F3 homes.

YHC has noticed some disrespect for the SSH on F3 twitter-verse of late.  So that got me thinking, Lets can make the pax love to hate this staple of a F3 workout.  Instead of using it as the all to familiar warm exercise, YHC would make it the focus of the work out, with some wrinkles thrown in that I think the pax will love to HATE!

Vocabulary lesson

SSH- aka jumping jack, enough said

Seal Jack- split hand SSH

Smurf Jack- aka squat jack.  SSH in squat position, made famous by our own F3Bartman

Fairy Jack- SSH performed in a single motion and the version of the SSH performed with the worst form.  Start from a deep squat position and explode up and do a SSH before landing.

Plank Jack- assume plank position and move legs from middle to out. like a SSH in horizontal position.

Crab Jack- assume crab position and thrust hips up and legs out (erectors with more explosion)  this looks good in a church parking lot

In and out Jack- aka X’s and O’s- core SSH

Predator Jack- start from seal jack position and explode out to a wide squat with arms in a outward intimidating position.  you also have to hiss or growl when doing this (apparently)

Superstars- aka split predator jack.  same as PJ but explode into a lung position after starting from a seal jack position. (Crowd favorite)

Burpee Jack- do a burpee but instead of a jump squat finish, you finish with a fairy jack!

Predator Pull-ups-  start from predator position and explode up to pull bar and hold pull position for 2 count and then a two count slow release.   We did not do these because YHC had trouble with the height of the burbs pull-up bars and I could not see what i was doing because of the lack of light.

There are many more variations but there is only 45 min. in a workout and YHC thinks these will suffice in bringing the #pain

The Thang

Pain Station 1:  we did all of the above 20 to 30 reps IC (OYO on the fairy Jacks, Burpee Jacks, and X’s & O’s).  we also mixed in LBC’s, Flutters, and Erectors (single leg and standard)  THE Hardhat tried to intimidate YHC during the PJ’s by encroaching on my personal space and bucking up to YHC during the cadence.  I kept on count with out hesitation- (I think) good try!  Have you ever noticed that The Hard Hat gets a little grumpy during workouts???


Pain station 2: dips x 40 OYO-  YHC just getting a view of the AO since all the changes


Pain Station 3: Papa Smurf-  1 fair Jack : 4 smurf jacks  go to 5 FJ : 20 SJ and then back down to 1 FJ to 4 SJ.-  Crowd pleaser /  Followed by SSH’s, LBC’s, X’s & O’s, and Predator Jacks


Pain Station 3: SSH’s / SuperStars / Predator Jacks / LBC’s.  The Pax were consumed at looking at there shadows projected on MRPC.  This is where the hissing and growling began on the predator Jacks.  We also made note of the connection of Ahnold to the Predator-  Can he slay the alien like his avatar did on screen?


Pain Station 4: Fail on the Predator Pull-ups so Audible to a spontaneously created version of Lt. Dan.  He got a promotion and I will call this General Dan’s.  1 Predator Jack : 4 Superstars up 5 PJ’s and 20 SS and then back down to 1 PJ : 4 SS.  #Snotwoggler


Pain Station 5: back to where we started.  We ran through most exercises list above one more time performing 15 to 30 reps IC.  We ended with 10 Burpee Jacks for good measure.


Mumble Chatter started off strong but tailed off after PS #1.  Most notably from The Hard Hat.   The Pax were a little unhappy that I made them pay for the sins of others!  These are not the ones who discredited the SSH.   That came from our brothers at the Main Thang- Houdini and Earth Mover.  I guess I will have to pay the MT a visit to help them gain some #RESPECT for the #SSH

Prayers for all those suffering and in need.  See the Weekly News letter for announcements and activities.

As always it was a pleasure to lead and follow-  LB out

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