Shriveled Bean Dipped in Gravy

  • Workout Date - 12/06/2016
  • Q In Charge - Houdini
  • The PAX - Caviar, Iceman, Clapper, Apoo (Welcome from Raleigh), Bill Nye, PETER, Double Winsor, Crash, Phil Dunphy, Elsa, G String, San Diago & Houdini
  • AO -

13 moistened cult members wouldn’t let climate dictaint their interest for exercising

Gloom Observations – Margo and Todd most have thrown a nasty wine and cheese mixer last night, b/c none of the  ‘05ers chode up for business #beamers&steamers.  The Swamp Rabbit nomad, Iceman, made the strategic decision to post where there’s access to parking gooches #nicesetofhooters.  PETA brought his animal-loving ass to the party tardy, he also microwaved hot dogs for his family on Thanksgiving.  Phil Dunphy, is always taint to kickoff, buuuuut  he is an incredible athlete with superior rhythm so we allow him to do the fitness with us.  In his own words, “Always keep the rhythm in your feet and a little party in your shoulders.”  FNG Keanu Sleeves finally stopped bull-frogging and joined his brethren for a workout #squirts.  Sponge Bob has joined Aloha in the F3 afterlife, where they’re eating Funyuns in the hot tub while non-stop streaming Cops.  Flay is a  serial converger who attends church on Easter and Christmas #consistency.  Crash is 64 years old, he chode up at 510AM in the cool rain today and did work, they just don’t make them like that anymore.  I drove to the workout again, saving my legs for the #Deuceable10k on Friday, December 16th 5:00AM at the Cleveland Zoo….

Generated a draft plan with my feet elevated on the squatty potty at 440AM, this is close to what happened:

Warm up:
I had to wipe, a lot.

The Taint:

Find cover at the Greenville News

Merkins X 10


Here comes Penis and Dunfee squats X25 and then lungewalksX30


EP Parking deck for LBCs X 20 Freddy /MercsX20 / Werkins X10 Elbow Planks


DipsX20 behind NHampton Wine

Mosey backwards to Thunderbird Hill with squats X25 / backwards up Thill

Pause midway for squatsX25 and backwards rest of hill with FJacksX20 at top

Hop over to parking deck & repeat core exercises w/ MCs X15

Backwards up to Washington and lunge X30

Mosey to Church Street underpass for FJacks X20 high knee touch X30 / REPEATChode

SunTrust cover for DipsX20 / Core work MOSEY

More lunges walks / Merkins / Core on the long route home.

Core’d it up on Greenville News patio to close her out.

Naked Moleskin:

#DEUCEABLE10k December 16th 5:00AM Cleveland ZOO – make it happen

Christmas comes early – Dunphy has his 2nd VQ on December 20th, DON’T SHOW UP ON TIME

*CONVERGENCE THIS THURSDAY, December 8th at MT – Mystery Q lined up

Pray for Caviar and his family as they fix their relationship

Christmas Party this weekend, RSVP ASAP so preparations can be made

Praise for the Rain, happy to get tit!!

Caviar still needs 3 for the Smoke Relay in April


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