Shooting Stars

  • Workout Date - 02/23/2024
  • Q In Charge - Sanchez
  • The PAX - Bunyan, Squeal, Tin Man, Cataract, Rusty, Montross, FNG Short Circuit
  • AO -

Originally 6 men gathered ’round ye olde tankyard shovel flag but then one car came in on 2 wheels and threatened to mess up the count for my partner workouts. Fortunately one more car came in on one wheel at the warm-ups last call so #PartnerCount was back on. So while 6 men started together, 8 men, including one FNG finished together, a little worn out, but a lot stronger.

Warm Up:
SSH X 25
IW x 20
Hill Billies x 20
Merkins x 10 (4 count)

The Thang
Mosey to the bottom of the parking lot for a partner Dora 1-2-3
P1 – exercise
P2- Run to the 2nd light pole and back (farther than it looks when two war daddies, YHC and Bunyan tried to race.  Good think Montross wasn’t on the run course at the time)
100 – Merkins
200 – LBCs
300 – Mountain Climbers

Since we happened to be at the entrance to the walking/running path, we kept with the partner theme for a game of catch me if you can.  YHC originally proposed 5 burpees before the catch but Squeal thought 2 was better.  Settled on 3 but I’m pretty sure he would have benefited from Montross having to count another 2 burpees before running 5 seconds to catch Squeal…This fun lasted as long as it took to get all the way around to the commercial driveway off Laurel Creek Lane near the entrance to the park #SneakyHillsAlongTheWay

The generously slopped driveway was the perfect inspiration for a round of 11s: Squats at the bottom, burpees at the top.  There was some #mumblechatter from the pax until the folks were too gassed to mumble.  Even pentacostal bunyan held his snake tongue in order to reserve some energy and air!

Plank-A-Rama while waiting on all PAX to finish.  It should be noted that FNG was holding his own (figure of speech to suggest he was keeping up the the pax in good fashion for his first post).

8 winded men gasped for air during the mosey back to the tennis courts.  We had a few minutes to spare so in honor of the Final Four and Rocky Top, who quit the gloom to take up recreational basketball professionally, we drilled some defensive slides.  Side Slide right to left across each tennis court (5 if you haven’t been to the #Tankyard, in which case you should post here sometime).  Between each court, 1 burpee down and up and resume slides.  Once down at the end, start sliding left to right with 2 burpees between each court #QuadsOnFire

Running out of time but still room for an Ark Loader down the courts:
Court 1: Bear Crawl
Court 2: Crab Walk
Court 3: Duck Walk
Court 4: Bunny Hop (Easter is only a couple of days away…Thanks Rusty for the suggestion)
Court 5: Sprint so the ark door doesn’t leave without you

Legs were tight so we took a slozey around the 5 courts and back to the middle for 6ishMOM:
LBC x 10
Super Slow LBC x 15
Flutters x ? Bunyan saw a shooting star and started talking about rushing home to see his wife.  Under these circumstances, who could keep track of the count
Obliques Left x 15, Right x 15
Back Scratchers x 30

Naked Moleskin
1 FNG –  Drew Meller.  F3 name Short Circuit.  YHC was informed by the Swamp Rabbit Sargent of Arms (Alfred) that Short Circuit is already taken so the Pax will need to review the naming options in Thursday’s gloom

Prayers for:
Clapper and family – daughter Libby having surgery today for a cleft palate
Bunyan’s 12yr old nephew Ford is in bad health and drs around the southeast can’t identify the issue.  Prayers that Bunyan’s brother, SIL and all others seek God’s strength and that their faith get stronger in the process.
Prayers for Beavis’s family after his mother’s passing
Continued prayers for Frankenreiter and his likely diagnosis of MS.

Thanks for the honor and privilege to lead this morning.


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