Shooting from the hip

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  • Workout Date - 08/22/2019
  • Q In Charge - Beamer
  • The PAX - Sadiq, Church Lady, Road Trip, Peek a Boo, Murdock, Flo, Punchlist, Mrs. Potts, NYOPT, Red Rider, Grass Fairy, YHC
  • AO - Golden Strip

Life has been a little busy for YHC lately, giving me some slight regret for signing up fr the Q.  When I failed to come up with anything beforehand, I was left with two options: “fartsack” (like I did to TOT) and let someone else figure it out, or step up and take on the challenge of Q with no planning.  There is no excuse, and I couldn’t back down. form a challenge  What could go wrong?

12 other men joined me in the gloom for an unplanned Q, here is what transpired:

Warm Up: 

SSH X 20 IC (Church Lady actually made it for these, probably the first time in his life)

IW X 20 IC

Windmills X 10 IC

Through the Tunnel X 10 IC

Main Thang:

Mosey to the playground for our first activity, the Bulgarian Ball Buster. Only kidding, my name is not Mac, so we did a set off 11s – pull ups and dips.

Mosey to the shed, everyone pick up a coupon and partner up for activity number 2: Farmer Carry Dora (you can thank Basic Bro from F3 Grand Rapids for this idea) – partner 1 does a one handed farmer carry to the light pole, switches hands, and comes back while partner 2 exercises – 100 Hand Release Merkins, 200 Squat Thrusters, 300 Block Flutters.

Modify midway through to 100 of each exercise in the interest of finishing before noon

Because Punchlist says you can’t use coupons without doing Curls…10 Curls (for the Girld) in cadence vefore returning the blocks and moseying back to the flagpole


At this point YHC was running out of ideas (and the mental capacity to think on the fly) so i outsourced the mary:

YHC – American Hammers X 20 IC

Mrs. Potts – Reverse Crunches x 20 sort of IC

Flo – Low plank, High Plank

Peek A Boo – Freddie Mercuries X 10 IC

NYOPT – Box cutters x 10 OYO; reverse box cutter X 10 OYO


Sign up for the Iron Pax challenge! Golden Strip, Pitchfork, and TOT will be hosting the Iron Pax challenge once a week, so there is no escape, and no reason not to register.  You could even do it multiple times in a week and post your best score!

Convergence in Greer this Saturday to celebrate their 5 year anniversary

Prayers for all unspoken needs this morning



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