Shirts Optional!

  • Workout Date - 10/05/2022
  • Q In Charge -
  • The PAX -
  • AO -

26 fought the urge to fartsack so that they could witness, what can only be called, the coming out party for EC and Pledge!

-Imperial squalkers x20
-Side straddle hops x20

-circle plank walk w/ push-ups once around
-wheel barrel forwards and back

-side straddle squats until finished
-dips x15

Baseball -Double Header
-10 burpees
-15 squat jumps
-20 merkins
-25 mountain climbers

-Plank at top
-Derkins x10
-Derkin down spiderman
-Elbow planks

Semi-Catch me if you can with wall jumps and wall sits

Bear crawl to center of field
Jack Webb’s to 6

Dolly’s in the field

Sandbox 2.0
Lunges back and forth w/ merkins while you wait

Circle up
-20 side straddle squats
-1 burpee
-15 Imperial squalkers

4x half circle in cadence


-Amazing rookie performance by both, EC and Pledge.  That kid aint no normal 23 YO!

-We lifted Scoop’s Dad up in prayer as he fights ALS and gave praise that their adoption process is progressing.

-We need a 12th Man for the BRR.  Final rosters are due on the 6th.  TBC is 95% committed so stay tuned.

-Awesome job by the 7 FNGs, especially Baby Seal.  Very strong, young padawan!

-The 1st Annual F3 Hangar Party is in final staging.  Stay tuned to this channel and the email chain for details.  Be prepared to BYOB and a desert dish.

-We continue to work towards taking all shirts OFF.  Boy, got a lot of work to do there!  EC, you might want to put a shirt ON!

-As it was determined that the fallen flag on Thursday landed on the Bars and not the Stars, One Direction DID submit his 13 extra burpees at Coffeteria, on the sidewalk, with witnesses.

-Next workout is Tuesday, 05:30, Peace Center.  Bartman has the Q.



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