Selfie Readiness

  • Workout Date - 11/12/2019
  • Q In Charge - Grass Fairy
  • The PAX - Flo, Mac, Mrs. Potts, Lumbergh, Beamer
  • AO - Golden Strip

Decades after the end of the Space Race, selfies have become a popular thing for astronauts and rovers alike to do in space – but the first can be credited to Buzz Aldrin, later the second man to walk on the Moon.

The above photo (see link) was taken during the Gemini program in 1966. The program proved that astronauts could undertake Extravehicular Activity in space – paving the way for the Apollo program and the eventual landing on the Moon.

In honor of this achievement, we prepared our own selfie arms so we can take selfies with ease.

The Mission: The Mission of F3 is to Plant, Grow and Serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. Believe I nailed it, nobody said I didn’t.

Disclaimer: Not a professional, modify as necessary. Since all present were professionals, it was more so just a comfort statement.

No FNGs so we got right to it.

SSH – 33 reps IC
Imperial Walkers – 19 Reps IC
Windmills – 19 reps IC
Little Baby Arm Circles – Forward 6 count Reverse 6 count
Hold them out
Big Boy Arm Circles – Forward 6 Reverse 6
Hold them out
Overhead Claps – 12 IC

The Thang:

Took a space mosey to the benches in the back
Merkins: 19 reps OYO held plank when done
Derkins: 19 reps OYO
Russian Dips: 12 OYO

Space moseyed to the bus loop/cinder blocks

DORA Time – Since she seems like she would like selfies as well

With coupon:
50 Curls-For-the-Girls
Held plank until 6 finished then performed some space lunged alongside the sidewalk and back as a group.
75 Overhead Presses
Held plank until the 6 finished and then moon jumped (aka skipped) around the whole bus loop
100 tricep extensions
Waited for the 6 and then jogged on the curves and space lunged on the long straights

Put blocks back and then space moseyed back to shovel flags for Mary. Mary might have melted in the rain, so we opted to do it under the breezeway.

Freddie Mercury – 19 reps IC
Flutter Kicks – 66 reps OYO single count
LBCs – 33 IC
American Hammers – 12 IC
Dollys – 12 IC
Big Boys – 33 IC
Box cutters – 19 IC
Shoulder taps – 19 IC
Plank – 33 seconds
Pickle pounders – 12 IC
Heel up to V up – 15 IC



Tankyard – Too hard for yall, so don’t come out.

Thanksgiving Day Convergence on 11/28 at 6:00 at Golden Strip.

Prayer Requests:

Mrs. Potts grandmother, Mrs. Betty, as she has been in and out of the hospital the past little while.

For all the veterans struggling with PTSD and other mental disorders that affect them.

Major Grassy Fairy to Ground Control: We stepped through that door and floated in that most peculiar way, in the gloom. (Totally not borrowing from David Bowie – Space Oddity)

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