SEAL's one year anniversary Q (catchy, huh?)

  • Workout Date - 10/22/2015
  • Q In Charge - SEAL
  • The PAX - Steamer, Gauge, Youkillis, Gluten, Whittle, Inspector Gadget, Duplo, Quaker, Swift, Gutshot, Red Wire, Slug, Keystone, Mr. Burns, Padre, Tiny Dancer, Boomhauer, Brown Shorts, Flo Rider, YHC
  • AO -

This was labeled appropriately by Brown Shorts as a “Tribute Q” to the first time I posted at Powderkeg. And a tribute it was to who led the workout that day. Poodle. The eerily uncanny and tragic part of this tribute is that Poodle was in the news just the night before. Unfortunately, his K9 officer companion, Hyco, was killed while pursuing carjacking suspects in Anderson county. Prayers for you and your loss, old friend.

Gloom observations:  Overheard: “Who has the Q today?”. Response by PAX “Seal does” . Retort “Oh dear God. What crazy crap are we doing now?”. (I’m flattered). Quaker finally got some winter clothes on. We took up a collection and bought him a sweatshirt. Crazy guy shows up to workouts wearing short sleeves and shorts with temps in the 30’s. Padre ditched the “Burpees” shirt. Good thing. We planned to burn it.

The Thang that Stang:

20 men  got ready for what they expected to be another one of my very original workouts. Instead, I decided to rehash the exact same workout that was delivered on my first post with F3.

Warm-up- SHH (cankle Jibblies) x30 and 1 min of up/downs

The circuit: Mosey up to the Block pile for coupons! Take ’em back to the SF and circle up for blockorama!

Chest press for 1 min

Bi-cep curls for 1 min

Shoulder press for 1 min

Tri-cep extensions for 1 min

Block squats for 1 min

Standing block American hammers for 1 min

Merican’s for 30 seconds

Chillcutts for 30 seconds

Rinse and repeat 3x (can’t raise my arms, just like I remembered) 

Time for the legs.

1’s and 2’s. 1’s do parking space suicides while 2’s do Zombie walk of entire lower level. Zombie’s tag and trade off with suicide guys.

Time’s up? Wow, that flew by.



Hope Relay- 11/14/15

Sphinx Run Fest – 10/31/15

F3 Anderson anniversary and dinner with the M’s

F3’s impact in Columbia and and lower Richland county

Easley workout on Saturday and Wednesday

Old Woodmont High AO soft launch. See Quickie.

Prayers for Poodle, Shiner, and dude living in his car nearby


Thank you men of F3 for keeping me Sad Clown free for one whole year. I have made a host of new friends and brothers since joining your ranks. I’m proud to tell other men how I do it. How I stay in shape. Don’t lose my temper. And be a leader in my community. It’s because you men of F3 keeping me accountable. I thank all of you. I especially thank my brother Brown Shorts for EH’ng me to my first workout. He, Gluten, and Inspector Gadget are the pillars that keep Powderkeg the strongest and toughest  AO east and west of the Saluda. Here is to many more years of crazy SEAL workouts.


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