School is in Session

  • Workout Date - 08/20/2014
  • Q In Charge - Banjo
  • The PAX - Banjo, Inspector Gadget, Amelia, Earthmover, Zoila (YHC), Malpractice
  • AO -

6 faithful bypassed a three-martini lunch to learn more about God.

Banjo led the first week of a new series on Romans, starting with Romans 1:1-17.

Lots of good discussion.  Banjo had great background on Romans and its author, Paul.

Paul does a bang-up job of laying out a lot of theology in the first passage: 1) Christ saved us through grace; 2) Grace is available; 3) Don’t be ashamed of God’s good works in your life, rather share them with people you care about.

Take the time to consider the full concept of God’s grace on us.  We are completely undeserving, yet He chooses to pardon us.

Romans 1:5-7 is essentially the “theme” of Romans.  That God not only loves Jews (traditionally, His people), but also Gentiles; the educated and uneducated; the Greek and the barbarian.

Romans is different from Paul’s other books because it is neither a) a letter directed towards a specific church because of their activity or b) a letter to a friend.  Rather, it is directed towards Christians in Rome to give them a “how-to” on Christian living.  Still applicable for Christians today.


  • By the looks of it Clemson masters’ students at ONE are fully operational.  There was much more traffic today, especially of the backpacker variety.
  • The next 12 weeks of going through Romans are sure to be packed with rich material.  Don’t miss out.
  • YHC has the Q next week, but if anyone else wants it going forward, speak up.

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