Say Hello To My Little Friends

  • Workout Date - 09/23/2023
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - Denied, Castaway, NoStringsAttached, Blue Hawaii, BioFreeze, Snowden, Pledge, EarthMover, Weedwacker, Stewie, Debit, Homeward bound, Handy Mandy, Latka, Alejandro, Iceman
  • AO -

16 posted at the #MainThang for an #oldskool #beatdown. It’s been a while since we’ve used #coupons at the Peace Center so YHC thought it would be fun to bring some #specialguests to the workout this morning.

The Thang:

SSH x20
Merkins x12
IW x15

That’s enough warmup, we got stuff to do….

YHC had plan A and B ready, based on the number of PAX. Plan B was needed so we moseyed to YHC’s car to get a few more coupons. Down the steps behind Larkins/Peace Center to grab the other coupons.

Dora (using sandbags, kettle bells or cinder blocks)
Alternate running with your partner from the Bridge over the River Reedy to the stop sign beside the Bowater parking garage (approx 100 yds) and back.
40 man makers
80 squats
120 one leg dead lifts
Did some core work while everyone finished up the dead lift reps, then….

Headed to the rails for Push/Pull
10 supine pullups, 10 merkins then SSH until everyone was finished. Run as a group to the aforementioned stop sign and back
repeato 3 more times, backpedaling to the stop sign once and alternating side shuffle for another.
After the 4th round, mosey to the Wyche pavilion for….

Peoples chair and dragon flags
3 rds of Peoples chair (1 min) and dragon flags

Mosey to the flat grassy area in the amphitheater for:

Low plank (chilcutt) for 1 min
Freddy mercury – slow count
Low plank for 1 min (last 30 secs added plank jacks)

Almost finished – mosey to grab the coupons, up the steps and return to YHC’s car
Sprint back to the flag


Naked Moleskin:
– Tclaps to @BlueHawaii, @NSA, @BioFreeze and @Alejandro for jumping in the #clowncar and making the drive downtown from Greer
– Coupons are the great equalizer. Logistically they can be tough to incorporate into a workout at the Peace Center but we made it work.
Observations from the #Gloom
– @NSA is fast. He was out front for most of the runs. And he’s closer to #Butterbean than #SugarRay
– @BlueHawaii (hate hate) is faster than @Snowden #WhoIsn’t?
– @HandyManny is probably one of the strongest we’ve got #PoundforPound
– #MainThang workouts aren’t as stinky when @Spongebob isn’t present

Prayer Requests
– Several guys on #IR – @Footloose and @Caviar
– YHC’s wife’s cousin had a brain clot – he’s ok but still in the hospital

– Mudrun is this Sat
– Jackalope is 5/16 – sign up, you won’t regret it
– Expansion – Atl (starts 4/18), Greenwood (starts 5/9), Asheville (starts 5/16)

See ya in the gloom…..