Saved by the train!

  • Workout Date - 12/06/2014
  • Q In Charge - Blue Hawaii
  • The PAX - YHC (WB), BIB (WD), Pumpkin Spice, Erector, Perry Mason, Spring Break
  • AO -

6 Pax denied the #fartsack and any sanity they may have had to come out in the cold rainy Gloom to put in a #downpainment! YHC came rolling in on two wheels with one minute to spare! Coffee hit YHC with a one two punch…..Anyways lets get started!


15x IW
20x Squats

Lets get this train rolling!First stop the amphitheater!

The Main Thang
Line up for some Joe Hendrix #babymumbblechatter starts when reaching the top lunge walk across the way to the next set of steps and bear crawl down!Plank until all Pax have arrived. YHC has no idea what hes gonna do so some how 11’s sound like a winner. Unfortunately YHC didnt think this one out so well but….Lets do it! Box jump each level when getting to the top start the 11 burpees 10…9…you get the idea! #LOTSOFMUMBBLECHATTER #WTH!This took a minute or several.

When finished with the 11’s the Pax lined up for an Indian run through downtown up to the oyster bar and cross over to trade st. Some of the faithful customers of the Mason Jar were keeping it rolling and decided to cheer us on…or something like that. The Pax stopped at the purgula at city hall for some DORA!

100X Merkins
200X Squats
300X LBC’s

Lets Mosey in my (Alfred voice) miss ya buddy! Get better

Down to the main circle we lined up on the left side of the field for some tunnel of love. Each pax lined up in downwarddog position the six crawls through. The Pax repeated this process until we made it to the other side of the field. #MUMBBLECHATTER AND RAIN (Footloose would have been proud) get better chief!! When reaching the other side partner up. Carry your partner to the other side. Pumpkin Spice decided to fireman carry YHC and sprint this was painful but quick….KIDS A BEAST! POST THAT TWEET THAT BUT MOST OF ALL BELIEVE THAT!!!! Whats that I hear….is that a train 10 burpees…Erector informed the Pax that the train always comes through we are at the station and that we need to get more original like a plane or maybe a clown….Nah we like our train burpees!


The Pax headed back to where it all started for some or a lot of Mary…

30x IC Fludders
30x IC Erectors
25x IC the dolley i think….
10 OYO Tony hortons
10x IC merkin jacks
15x IC Rosalitas
15x IC Heals to heavens
10x IC Werkins


Men as always it is a pleasure and a true honor to lead such a great group! F3 has blessed my life in so many ways and it continues to do so! Great work from all the Pax this morning!

Announcements and Prayer Request:

Greer Christmas Parade tomorrow! Come out in your Gear for some 2nd F and hopefully some EHing! Don’t miss this great opportunity!

I signed up for the Drifter last night you do the same! Looks like a great run and some awesome fellowship with our F3 brothers

Continue Prayers for Erector and his family!
Pumpkin Spice’s sister is expecting their first child. Keep them in your prayers.
Prayers for the homeless, sick, and for all those suffering in silence.

See you guys Tomorrow!

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