Saved by the Bell

  • Workout Date - 04/17/2019
  • Q In Charge - Hot for Teacher
  • The PAX - Lt. Dangle, Turban, Franzia, NYOPT, Cocoon, UP, Sprinkles
  • AO - Tower of Terror

Today’s workout was inspired by the New York Giants’ running back Saquon Barkley, who I’m almost certain has never skipped leg day once in his life. Seriously. Google it. Believe it or not, YHC has skipped at least one leg day, and the same is most likely true for the 7 PAX who showed up at TOT this morning. Let the leg beatdown begin.

Mission and Disclaimer: Check

Warm Up
SSH X 20
Hillbillies X 20
Monkey Humpers X 20
A little bit of TOT yoga

The Thang
All of us moseyed past the creeper van and met up at the wall behind Slice of Brooklyn. We then tackled the following exercises by doing as many reps of the following exercises in 50 seconds. The 20 seconds of rest between each exercise wasn’t enough, as demonstrated by the amount of mumble chatter.

Single Leg Lift (Both Sides)
Alternating Side Lateral Lunge
Reverse Lunge

Donkey Kicks
Box Jumps

Wall Sits
Sit to Squat Jump
Squat Burpees

Donkey Kicks
Box Jumps

And repeat…

We had just enough time for a little Mary:
Flutters X 25
LBCs X 25
Hot-for-Teachers X 15 (each side)

War Fund 5K on May 25
Gideon’s House on May 5
P200 2020

Praise for Mac’s wife’s clean biopsy
Praise/prayer for YHC’s father-in-law’s continued recovery
Praise for Live PD’s son’s successful surgery

SYITG, fellas.


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