Satisfraction Guaranteed

  • Workout Date - 10/04/2023
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  • The PAX -
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21 hearty souls pried their warm bodies from the fartsack to plant the shovel flag and see what Satisfry had planned on his VQ. Those who posted weren’t disappointed as the workout was “upsized”, leaving us all “fried”.


25 SSH in cadence
20 Burpees oyo
15 mountain Climbers in cadence

Count off into 2 groups

Mosey to amphitheater
Group 1
Lateral Push-up walk across stage
Group 2
Box Jumps in amp seats x 40

Mosey to transit parking deck for Dora 1,2,3

100 Merkins
200 Out of the Graves
300 Fairy Jacks

Plank while others finish up

Mosey to Stairs to Heaven (Grace Church)
Two groups
G1 Squat jumps (every other step)
G2 flutters
3 Rounds

Plank while waiting

Indian Run back to PC

Russian Twist in cadence x 30
Flutters in cadence x 30
Rosalitias in cadence x 30

30 sec down plank & hold

2.0 miles covered


Naked Moleskin
– Great VQ by Satisfry. YHC was smoked.
– YHC thought the cold would slow down Mega Mu, who bravely wore shorts. I was wrong – still fast as ever
– That was a sneaky 2 miles. Must have been all the back and forth during Dora.

-MRT @ 5:30am Grace Church tomorrow (Wednesday)
-Épée’s Send Off tomorrow (Wednesday) night at Barley’s? Drop in and wish him safe travels
-Pray Murdoch while he’s in Florida
-Pray for Épée as he is deployed overseas – Thank you for your Service
-1 year Birthday for F3 Swamp Rabbit 2/1
-5k out at Furman 2/1
-6k Drifter Trail Run 2/8 – Gritch Bday Beatdown afterwards
-Mudrun in March – Contact Pledge if you didn’t sign up so you can be put on Alternate List


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