SANTA Showed Up!

  • Workout Date - 12/25/2017
  • Q In Charge - Spackler
  • The PAX - Soda, Generic, Hacksaw, Honkers, Foie gras,
  • AO - Dog Pound

YHC Showed up in his best Santa outfit ready to start Christmas off right.

Warm Up:
Burpees x 12 OYO. This has nothing to do with Christmas said Foie Gras!
SSH x 25 IC
IW x 20 IC
Plank Jacks x 17 IC. See what I did there!

Mosey to our normal wall for dips x 25 IC

Head to parking lot. Bear crawl half way, do 25 merkins, bear crawl to end and do 25 squats. Hold Al Gore while waiting on Pax. Now to get back, lunge walk half way, do 25 merkins. Lunge walk rest of way and do 25 squats to finish and hold Al Gore while waiting.

Now for SANTA to Show up: Partner Up.
1. Squerkins. 25 merkins/25 squats each partner. Partner 1 does merkins while partner 2 holds his legs. Then partner 2 does squats while partner 1 still in plank position. Flapjack and repeat.
2. American Hammers. 200 total between partners
3. Nolan Ryans. 50 each arm for each partner. While holding a side plank, extend opposite arm into air and prevent punch below plank arm. Flip and repeat.
4. Thigh Masters. 50 each leg. While in forward lunge position, knees slightly bent, count one each time your knee touches ground and back up. This was a leg burner.
5. Ascending Testicles. Get on wall with feet 15 degrees up, do 10 merkins on my count. Now move to 45 degrees and do 10 more merkins. Now all the way for a 10 second count.

Mosey back to wall for dips x 25 IC

Head back to AO. Stop to make SANTA plural, so we did Santacides (or a regular suicide). 4 spots in parking lot worked perfect.

Boxcutter, to open presents, x 25 IC
Erectors, since Mrs Claus was nice, x 25 IC
American Hammers x 25 IC

Remember those hurting this time of year. Praise for Honkers wife being able to eat with family.

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