Santa Flay 2015 Ep. II

  • Workout Date - 12/22/2015
  • Q In Charge - Flay
  • The PAX - Squeal, Squints, White Walker, Seal
  • AO -

For my final Q of 2015, we tried something a little different. No grab bag. I knew exactly what was coming, but no idea how the timing would work out. Rolling out of the fartsack, conditions were suboptimal, with driving rain. Even with a little smack talk via tha Twittah and the Tankyardigan email chain, I was worried that this would be solo.

Luckily 3 local Tankyardigans plus Seal (weirdo extraordinaire) managed to shake off the plague of vaginitis that seems to crop up whenever things get wet around here (see what I did there). Full disclosure: YHC had a bad case of it last week, and probably the only reason we posted was the fact that we had the Q.  But I digress…

This workout was simple, even though it involved an unfortunate instance of YHC attempting to sing. We did the 12 Days of Christmas, thusly:

  1. A set of 10 Burpees
  2. Two diamond merkins (Slow IC)
  3. Three starbursts
  4. Four Russian Twists (IC)
  5. Five Tennis Courts (Jailbreak)
  6. Six Bigboy situps
  7. Seven squats a-squatting
  8. Eight air presses pressing (Slow IC)
  9. Nine Monkeys humping (IC)
  10. Ten Dead-stop Merkins (IC)
  11. Eleven Mountain Climbers (IC)
  12. Twelve lunges lunging.

We started with Day 1 (Burpees) and went all the way through the song (ie the final set started with 12 lunges lunging and ended with 10 burpees).

Believe it or not, this ended at precisely 0615, so this will appear again next year for all the fartsackers in in Gower that missed it.


  • Good times were had, and things got weird early, probably due to the rain and the presence of Seal at the Tank. To wit: early on YHC was potentially renamed Prophylactic for reasons that will remain at the Tank
  • The rain let up quickly, but the condition of the tennis courts was loch-like, so we good soaked early and often. Might take a week for my shoes to dry out.
  • Great work by the guys. The SQ’s (Squeal/Squints) in particular laid it all on the line during the myriad jailbreaks across the courts and left YHC in the dust a couple of times. Looks like we have a couple of #sandbaggers on our hands. Might need to send a collection plate around to get those boys some running shoes and send them out to RoF.
  • This format is… really fun. At first it looked like we’d be done early, but the last 4-5 rounds really started to grind and we ended up really having to up the effort at the end to get done in time (#goodthing). Lots of attention to form and cadence. The only times speed was a reward was on the burpees and the jailbreaks. Definitely going to take some lessons from this one.
  • Prayers for GCOD and his family as they bring Dennis home
  • Prayers for Squints’ parents safely flying over from Houston today
  • Gideon’s House breakfast convergence tomorrow at 0515. Be there.
  • Tommy’s Ham House Christmas Eve 5k at 0600 on 12/24. Bring canned goods for Triune Mercy Center
  • F3 Nation 5 Year Anniversary Convergence 1/1/16 at the Mothership (AG Elementary) in CLT at 0700. Start putting those clowncars together
  • Star Command Convergence with The Fort/Rock Hill on 1/23/16

Merry Christmas to all. I’m headed out on Christmas Eve so I hope to see you at the Gideon’s Convergence tomorrow. If I don’t have a wonderful holiday season, and thanks for everything you do.

Here’s to an even better 2016.


Santa Flay

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