Sandy Bears

  • Workout Date - 11/05/2016
  • Q In Charge - Mint Julep
  • The PAX - Snowbird (Respect), Haggis (Charlotte visitor), Boss Hog, Padre, Whisper (Respect), Bambi, Soccer mom, Rusty Nail (Hate), Benign, Easy Bake, Thumper, Road Trip, Mint Julep (QIC)
  • AO -

YHC arrived at #PF to be greeted by 5 rabbits (Whisper, Bambi, Road Trip, Thumper, Benign) who pre-ran a chilly 5.3 miles…good work gentleman. As we began to circle up 2 rabbits (Whisper & Bambi) decided to skip the Q and run another 5.3 miles so that left YO-eleven of us there for the Q. Let’s Go!

SSH x 30
Windmills x 15
Monkey Humpers x 20
Arm circles


Mosey to playground
Pull up/swerkin
1 pull-up:2 swerkin ratio up to 5:10 and back down to 1:2. Run around playground pullup & swerkin.

Mosey to speedway & get sandbags
Partner up

P1 – 2 squats & 4 lunges with sandbags
P2 – 2 squats & 4 lunges w/o sandbags

Switch up each time P1 gets done. Do these up the straightaway and back, approx.. 150 yds in total. Make the burn stop!!!

Get tires
Split into 2 groups, groups go different directions around track.
Flip tire – burpee off to the side- back in line. At half way mark switch to 2 tire flips & 1 burpee. (This wasn’t a competition but we won, just saying.)

To the bball court
Wall squat – rev bear crawl down/reg bear craw back.
Plank hold while 2 PAX bear crawl back and forth.
Line up for Guantanamo

Flutters x 20 IC
Tempo LBC’s x 20 IC
Windshield wipers x 20
Plank variations to finish

Toys for Tots convergence at Bon Secours 11/10
If you show up at TOT on 11/10 be prepared to Q
If you show up at PF with toys on 11/10 be prepared to have the Popo after you
Hope relay 11/12
Don’t be a Grinch 5k 11/19

Continued prayers for Drake and the O’Sullivan family…Drake is a fighter!
All prayers unspoken

As always it was a pleasure gentleman. God Bless!

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