Sandbags, a chariot, Seal in a tutu… SNAFU

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  • Workout Date - 08/01/2015
  • Q In Charge - Seal
  • The PAX - Third base, One Direction, Sushi, Double Check, Grimmace, Tedediah, Hooch, Mary, Strange Brew, Epee, Fred, The Tickler, Affordable Care Act, Gymboree, Hotwire, Slow-mo, 50/50, Hulk Smash, Inspector Gadget, Lite Brite, Floppy Disk, Officer Poncherello, Whisper, The Situation, Youkillis, Bambi, Brown Shorts, Easybake, Noah, Elmer, Racket, Soccermom, Look out below, ATM, Johnny 5, Obama, and YHC
  • AO -

Ever worried about getting pulled over before you get to your AO to post because you’re wearing a tutu and green, skin tight, butt hugging, boy shorts with a belly shirt of Elsa and Ana? Me either. Cops have seen weirder, I bet. #maybe

So what is SNAFU? Just an acronym used by soldiers to describe their day (Google it). It definitely fits for what the poor employees of Mauldin Elementary were thinking when they pulled in to the school to go to work and see 30 men (one in a tutu) with 20 sandbags crawling backwards, up and down a hill, while 6 others carry a 7th around on a chariot. Yep. Seal must be Q’ing up some off-the-wall crap again. All because he lost a bet to the Sandbagging Master, Sushi. The old fart beat YHC straight up at the Michelin 5k BattleRoyale. Alas, the bet has finally been settled. Don’t fall for his claims of handicaps such as: “Old injuries”, “49 year old man”, or “Semi-functioning alcoholic”. Actually, that last is true. It just doesn’t slow him down for some weird reason.

Gloom observations: The glitter from my tutu has plagued me all day. Why does everyone assume that I was hugged up on a stripper the night before just because I’m sparkly? Awkward when you’re trying to teach. One Direction did NOT carry his share of the chariot load #mumblechattering about being “to short to help” #whatever #notsurprised . Iceman did NOT show #pathetic #instigator #skeered . My Powderkeg brothers Youkillis, Gadget, and Brown Shorts had my back. Or did they come just to see me in a tutu? #Support? #Orperverts? Lots of guys here I don’t know. Rest assured, I will be back to GS and PF so I can “get to know ya”. 

Warm up:

Keeping with the tutu theme:

Fairy Jacks x15 (hard to do IC, but we managed)

Toe (calf) raises x30 IC

The thang:

Count off. Remember your number.

Mosey to Seal’s F-150 and offload the chariot and 20 sandbags. Sushi mounts the chariot with the tunes (some awesome choices here) and we carry his sorry, sandbagging ass to Nippler’s hill. PAX 1-6 carry Sushi on the chariot to the other end of bus loop and back while the rest of us do a horribly twisted version of Joe Hendricks and Jack Webb.

1 Merican at the bottom, Joe Hendricks up the hill, 4 air presses at the top, then crabwalk back down. Rinse and repeat to 7 Mericans and 28 air presses. All the while, as chariot returns, we send out another 7 PAX on the chariot (one rider that does some Mericans and LBCs). Rinse and repeat as well. Note: Sushi protested after the first lap and dismounted. He wanted a workout. I fully expected that. Still want the PAX to hate on him just a little bit.

Now for some Jacobs Ladder. Same hill. 1 burpee at the bottom. Run up (some elected to take a sandbag #hardcore) and 10 Mountain Climbers (single count) at the top. Mosey back down. Rinse and repeat to 7 and 70 (somewhere in here, YHC cropdusts the PAX with an eyewatering expulsion of onion flavored gas. I believe Epee and The Tickler caught the brunt of it #cobains #notreally). All the while, the chariot is still out for a ride. Audible at 6:05. We are running out of time (and some were running out of gas).

Grab the sandbags. Indian Run, double apple sauce. Keep shuffling the sand bags to the PAX in the front. Two laps around the front parking lot. We lost half the field on this endeavor. Always a good indicator of #suckage . Fall in for Mary.

2 Minutes of Mary:

Heels to heavens x40 IC


Easley/Pickens expansion – need names and emails

Race for Thought 5k on Nov 14 – Conestee

F3 Golf tourney – Oct 8

Starting Sept 28, Monday nights, for 7 weeks – bible study with Officer Poncherello at Brookwood?

Mud Run on Oct 34th

Augusta and Knoxville expansion

Prayers for #WalkerStrong

It was a pleasure leading this group of men on a whirlwind of pain. Still feeling it myself. And, I hope Sushi learned his lesson. Wait….is that right?

Side note: I had intended to upload pictures of the Chariot and my tutu. But it still appears that I do not have rights to do so. #cobains

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