Sandbag Heaven

  • Workout Date - 01/31/2017
  • Q In Charge - Mint Julep
  • The PAX - Whisper (respect), Deflated (Respect), Boss Hog, The Commodore (Respect), Sammy, Church Lady, Elsa, Double Deuce (FNG), Ponch, Hanna Montana, Celion Dion, Gyboree (Respect), Dr. Phil, Hulk Smash (Respect), Pet Stain, Washer, The Muff, Beach Draft, Magic School Bus, Benign, Mint Julep (QIC)
  • AO -

21 Pax karate chopped the fartsack square in the gonads and rolled up to PF caravan style this chilly morning at Pitchfork. YHC volunteered to Q last minute due to threats of Helga by Whisper. I don’t even know what Helga is but we don’t need to find out! 1 FNG showed up and after some awkward sleeping bag talk he was deemed Double Deuce, who does #2 work for! Enough of the chit chat, let’s get moving.

Mission statement – Boom
Disclaimer – Boom

SSH x 20
Hillbillies x 20
Plank jacks x 20


Mosey to speedway, partner up and grab sandbags.
100 merkins w/bags on back (or at least as long as it would stay on there)
200 shoulder presses w/ sandbags
300 squats w/ sandbags
400 (seconds ish) planks w sandbags on back, 2 rounds per partner

To the bball court with bags in tow. Keep partners. 2 rounds each of below.

P1 wall squat with sand bag
P2 backwards bear crawl down & regular bear crawl back

P1 hold OH press
P2 broad jump down, lunge walk back.

Back to flag

Crab cakes x 10 IC
Leg raises x 20 IC

Dangler 2/4 – 8:03 at Conestee Park
Swamp Rabbit – 2/25
Reedy River – 4/22

Commodore’s dad having surgery 2/14
Celion’s stepmom starting chemo
Church Lady wife’s aunt passed away
Beach Draft father in law chemo
Poncho’s daughter recovering from surgery
Andrew Brunson

Great work by all, until next time. God Bless!

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