San Diago was not sick…he was too scared

  • Workout Date - 10/03/2016
  • Q In Charge - Spongebob
  • The PAX - Houdini, Wingnut, Brian Baker - Bowflex, 501, Punch Out, Double Windsor, Clip on, Handy Manny, Bubba Gump, PETA, Epee, Zorro
  • AO -

First, I have to give some credit to San Diago for being honorable and taking a spot on the Q Calendar. But after a week of trash talking, YHC gets a text the night before indicating that a substitute Q is needed because somebody’s tummy was hurting.

No announcement given, so that ‘Dini can’t be a Q snob and avoid my workouts. I’ve got a treat for him, no burpees, no Joe Hendrix, and no Cankle Jibbie’s. It’s a ‘dini type of workout.

13 showed up, including 1 FNG (that’s 3 for the week folks)!
Warm Up
Squats X 10
Merkins X 10
Debbies X 10 (essentially plank with wide legs and you shift from plank to butt backwards in the air with knees off the ground)…Don’t ask about the name, because if you get the joke, you need to repent.

The Thang

Mosey to the alley besides Grace Church
Lunge Walk 3 pillars
10 Merkins
Lunge walk 3 pillars
10 Merkins
Lunge walk 3 pillars

Over to the stairs
Bottom of the stairs = 30 Mountain Climbers
Top of the stairs = 1 Superman Merkin
Bottom = 30 Mountain Climbers
Top = 2 Superman Merkins
All the way to 8, because I thought it was the 8th of March, but as anyone with a cell phone, computer, watch, etc. knows it was the 10th.

Round 2:
Bottom of the stairs = 30 alternating high knee running
Top of the stairs = smurf Jacks
All the way to 8….dammit, I know it’s not the 8th at this point.

Mosey back to the parking lot near the bottom of the Peace Center by their docks

10 Muscle Ups on the wall
10 Merkins
Sprint up the hill to the stop light
3 times through

Mosey back up to the Peace Center

– Only 2 minutes left
15 X Backwards Crunches
Cobra Stretch

Naked Moleskin
– Welcome Brian Baker FNG – Bowflex.  We learned a good bit about him and then he tried to tell us his friends call him Chuck Norris.  Not happening here buddy…not when I’m stuck with Spongebob and other PAX have far worse names.  Come back out, you did awesome!
– Weather is warm now, so reach back out to the PAX to get some folks showing up again
– Prayers for stuff weighing on all our hearts

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