• Workout Date - 11/11/2016
  • Q In Charge - NOONAN
  • The PAX - The Big Short, ARW, Longbottom, Inspector Gadget
  • AO -

This morning, 5 PAX showed up in brisk 40 degree weather to Sharpen some IRON!


On this day 5 years ago, my first daughter Polly passed away in my arms at only 31 days old.  An experience like loosing a child or the loss of a loved one has been a very bitter experience.  That bitterness is hard to swallow, it is too concentrated, is a lot like SALT, in that it is not meant to be eaten by itself.  Salt when used properly is meant to bring out the true flavor in a meal.  These “bitter” life experiences are like SALT because they help you to see the true meaning of life.  They have enhanced my perspective on life, to see how precious it is.  My experience helped me to get back to the basics and see all of the blessings that God has given us.  All of us have moments in our lives when we go through hard times, times where we have to carry that “weight” on our shoulders, but we are here to help each other carry that burden.  This morning we added some “weight” and a little SALT to the workout . . .


50 – SSH

50 – squats

25 – merkins

25 – mountain climbers

25 – LBC


Mosey over to pick up “SALT” my 65 pound sandbag . . . .

Indian run with sandbag, one pax on either side of sandbag run for 10 count, then one pax is swapped out, then another 10 count, other pax is switched out.

Run through parking lot, back down sidewalk down to the Library.

Stop at the front of the library for 3 rounds of  . . .

1 minute wall sit / 30 sec balls to wall with 5 presses


Mosey with “SALT” down to football field, when we get down there, we realize the field is entirely to saturated with water, so we head back up to parking lot….

mosey to the grass end of the parking lot for . . . .

TUNNEL OF LOVE…. for approximately 120′ . . . .

Mosey to other end of parking lot for the next exercise…. P.O.L.L.Y.

5 corners…. (my daughters name was POLLY, so we did the following exercises)

P – Plank Jacks – 20 IC

O – Outlaw Marys -10 each way

L – Lunges – 100 feet

L – LBC – 30

Y– YOLK WALK (each PAX takes a turn taking one lap around the parking lot with SALT sandbag)

Of the above, the P.O.L.L. are performed as a group, while the Y is performed by one of the PAX by themselves, after said PAX finishes the Y lap, another steps up to take their place until everyone has carried the sandbag.

RINSE AND REPEAT THE ABOVE until everyone has carried the sandbag 4 times.


The SALT sandbag represents the burdens that we each carry, you never know what someone else is going through.  Sometimes you can carry that burden with other people, sometimes you have to carry it all by yourself, and sometimes all you can do is sit back and watch your buddy bear that burden all by themselves.  I am thankful that we have a God who will carry you in your times of need, thankful that we have a God who can take that load off of our shoulders.  One of my closest friends recently lost his daughter to SIDS at only 4 months old, she passed away one month ago.  To say that my heart aches for them is an understatement.  It has opened up a lot of old burdens and feelings from when we lost our own daughter.  I attended their daughter Anastasia’s funeral, at which my friend gave a beautiful eulogy for his daughter.  He talked about “SALT” and how his experience of loss has enhanced his feeling of life, and just how sweet it is.  Another thing he touched on was to “Put on the mind of Christ” (St. Paul) during these times of need.
I thought this was a great twist on ones perspective during a time of loss, especially when most people are asking why GOD?  Why did my (insert loved ones name) have to die?  To Quote is Eulogy:

And now imagine that Jesus Himself has come down from Heaven in all His glory, with archangels and principalities in tow. He comes to you and says of your little baby girl, “I have need of her elsewhere.” Or better yet, what if He asked for permission? “May I take her to my country? I have built a city there, and I mean for her to rule it.” Would it really occur to any of us to refuse?

Truly, how could one refuse?  God is good ALL the time, today 5 years ago, HE and his angels came down to take my daughter to heaven, she became an Angel, and gets to be with him and watch over us until we see her again, and for that… I AM thankful.


Prayer requests:

Longbottoms father going through cancer and Chemo

Icemans father

Veterans for Veterans DAY

The Whisenhunt Family for the loss of their daughter Anastasia






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