Running with Church Lady and RT

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  • Workout Date - 04/29/2021
  • Q In Charge - Cyclone
  • The PAX - Church Lady and Road Trip
  • AO - The Terminal

Checking the watch…it’s 5:29am and I’m the only one here. Luckily, Road Trip and Church Lady showed up and we started at 5:32am. Close enough.

Mission: The mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve men’s small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional. Modify as necessary.

Warm-up: As a favor to Church Lady, we avoided SSHs today.

  • Abe Vigoda x 10
  • Mosey a lap
  • Rockette Hillbillies x 16
  • Mosey a lap

Main Thang: The three of us had already been running once this week at ToT, so thought I’d continue the trend. The result was a lot of running with just a few exercises scattered throughout. Church Lady was telling us about his annual goal of running 1,000 miles every year, so figured I would do my part to contribute.

Fives: 4 burpees at the bottom of the hill, run to the stop sign, 1 burpee at the top. Run back to the bottom, 3 burpees, etc. (4->1, 3->2, 2->3, 1->4). Mosey up and over to the other side.

Sevens: 6 hand release merkins, run to the stop sign, 1 carolina dry dock at the top. Repeat until 1 hand release merkin and 6 dry docks.

Nines: 8 LBCs, run to the other side of the small loop, 1 BBSU. Repeat. Think we made it to 4 LBCs and 5 BBSU.


Rosalita Wip x 20

The smaller group definitely generates some more chatter. This morning, we discussed 8-tracks, cable TV, purchasing gifts for spouses, purchasing better gifts for girlfriends (this was a Church Lady story), and the ebbs and flows of attendance at different AOs. Certainly makes the time go by faster. And we logged in over 3 miles. Not bad. So gentlemen, thanks for joining me this morning.

Prayers: Thoughts/prayers for the central character of the aforementioned story by Church Lady, whose “fun” lifestyle when younger has likely caused some unhappier days as time has passed.