Running Cherokee Style!

  • Workout Date - 01/07/2015
  • Q In Charge - LongBottom
  • The PAX - Mr. Head, Mr. Kotter, 00, Earth Mover, Perry Mason, Amelia, Longbottom
  • AO -

7 pax made it out for a sweltering 30 degree run in the gloom, just before the next ice age hits us tomorrow morning.  Welcome to another Greer pax, Perry Mason, looking to get faster (and Better). YHC wanted to take it off-site, but I believe it is wise to give notice so that we can bring appropriate safety gear. So, YHC’s workout was inspired by tweets from our ROF brothers doing advanced Indian runs, so I ran with it (literally).  It is alway nice to throw in something new to break the monotony of running circles.     Enough of the chatter, lets get down to business!

Warm Up.

Standard Indian Run for 1 mile

The Thang

Modified Indian run #1

form a single line and run in lane 4 (pace slightly faster than mosey)

First pax in the line takes off at jailbreak speed in opposite direction in lane 3.  Runs around track and then takes his place at the back of the line.  Next pax in the front takes off for his trip around the oval.  Rinse and repeat until all pax have completed 4 jail breaks around oval.

Modified Indian Run #2

Line turns around and runs backwards around track.  Last pax in line sprints forward to the front. Keep going for 1 lap.

Modification # 3

Line lunge walks while last pax runs to the front.  go till all pax have made it through 2x

Std Indian run for 1 lap. Pick up the pace!

Return to modified Indian run #1 until each pax has made one lap in reverse direction around the track.

Head to the starting line to finish.

Stretching for final 4 minutes.

TClaps to Perry Mason for a great effort.  And good work by all pax today.  Little tougher than YHC expected.  Especially if you pushed hard on the jailbreak lap.  Jogging backwards for 1 lap was felt in the thighs, YHC may put this is his bag of tricks for most workouts going forward-  you liked that didn’t you.

Announcements:  Drifter & Red Light and Blue coming up soon.  Look for details on Social media and get signed up.  Lots of goal setting and aggressive plans for getting better in 2015!  Lets lean on each other and get it done.  Again, we are not only out to better ourselves, but mainly to better our brothers in the gloom.

I was an honer to lead and to follow you gentlemen this morning. Let’s keep pushing to make each other resolute men!

LB- Out!

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