Rucks and CMUs at #TOT

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  • Workout Date - 12/10/2023
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13 pax circled up at 0530 at the Tower including Da Hoppa visiting us from Florence. Don’t think he sweats, but more on that later. 5 of my Team Spearhead teammates got in some fast miles pre-workout and the 6 of us wore rucks for the workout.

Disclaimer and warm…
No warm up – let’s mosey to the CMU pile. If you don’t have a ruck, pick up a CMU. Extra weight for everyone today!

Over the church parking lot.

Thang – 50 overhead presses, 100 curls, and 150 goblet squats. Every 25 reps, you run about 30 yards to the other curb and back. So, 25 OH presses, run, 25 OH presses, run, 25 curls, run…if you have a ruck, the ruck runs with you. At some point, @Sammy came in on 2 wheels to the church parking lot with @Urban in shotgun. 0532 is late fellas!

Rabbits included @DaHoppa, @SoccerMom, and @Barney who ran some extra while they waited.

Thang 2 – 5 minutes AMRAP

Round 1 for 5 minutes – 25 double count flutters (ruck or CMU overhead) and 25 LBCs (ruck or LBCs overhead) and then run the curbs.
Round 2 for 5 minutes – bear crawl (with your ruck) to the curb and then duck walk back. #realcrowdpleaser

Put the blocks up and back to the flags. Hold Al Gore for the 6.

Tighten up the circle and rucks out front.

Sally # 1 = squats + pass the rucks clockwise.
Sally # 2 = merkins. guys with rucks, put your rucks on for this. Lots of “hand release” merkins all around the circle.

Flutters x 30 IC to finish.

P/P – Raines family lost father. Da Hoppa house selling.

NMM – Great work by the guys today. If YHC had another 45 minutes, maybe Da Hoppa would have broken a sweat. Dude was smoking the workout. You are always welcome in the ’81. Pleasure to have you today, brother. #TClaps to @Thumper, @ShortBarrel, @LookoutBelow, @LiteBrite, and @ThirdBase for putting in some Spearhead miles pre-workout. Then getting our Ruck WOD in.

Always a pleasure men. SYITG next time.