Ruck It Up! F3 Florence

  • Workout Date - 09/06/2014
  • Q In Charge - Milton
  • The PAX - Uhaul, Jefferson, Thread Count
  • AO -



Milton’s  ^^^F3 Florence steel plate for GORUCK Columbia Custom^^^

Conditions: HOT and humid…SC in  September

The Thang:  Double Down Saturday with Ruck It Up F3 Florence 001.  After a painful beat down by Q Banjo at our 7 am post, 4 left the safety of the coffeeteria to ruck some of Flotown.  Goal 1 was to achieve roughly 4 mile route with 2 pain stations, from Ebeneezer park to the Veterans Memorial Park, in two hours.  Goal 2 was to ruck more and meet the time hack while getting another dose of pain via 2 pain stations.  Coupons? 2 person log and the GORUCK flag.  Ruck more…ruck more…ruck more.  The weight on your back will surprise you after a few hours…get used to it now!!


Moving with the log was slow as we were switching often to advance it down the rail trail toward our first pain station.  McLeod Field.

Pain Station 1:  4 segments

A: 5 and 5.  Bear crawl with each hand plant 1 rep.  Do 5 reps and then do 5 merkins.  Distance 20 yards.

B:Lunge with rucks overhead.  Distance 20 yards.

C: Bear crawl and ruck drag.  Distance 20 yards.

D: 20 Ruck thrusters, 20 LBC holding ruck overhead, 20 flutter kicks with ruck overhead. 5 minute hydration and flag recovery 60 yards back at the start.

Back to rucking through some covered trails which was welcome relief from the sun but added some mileage.

Veterans Memorial Park was the next rally point where we arrived 15 minutes ahead of schedule and just in time for the final pain station.

Pain Station 2

30 step ups at the “Welcome Home” Memorial for Veterans

Lunge to the Memorial Water Wall.  Distance 100 yards.  This was a horrible lunge experience….

At the wall 20 Incline merkins and 20 decline merkins.

Mileage to Veterans park 4.73 in 1 hour 45 min.  Breakfast at the Waffle House


COT with BOM by Milton

Ruck more F3 Florence…Ruck More!  More Ruck It Up scenarios planned.

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