• Workout Date - 08/07/2014
  • Q In Charge - Hermie
  • The PAX - Baby Nate, Clapper, Blowfish, Snipit, Beavis, Dexter, Bunyan, Panama Jack, Montross, AirBud, Hermie
  • AO -

11 rolled in to dance to the music

Run in place while Jamming to the Police- “Roxanne“. Every you hear the word “Roxanne”, hit the ground for a burpee

Mosey over between the baseball fields
5 sets of:
-15 merkins
-15 dips
-15 box jumps
-15 chain link fence pull-ups #figuredtheseoutquick
-15 fairyjacks
-one lap around the baseball field outside the fence #Montrosssetthepace

with time to spare, audible partner up for Dora 3- #300 russian twists while your partner ran to the edge of the baseball field and back

50 standing knee to elbow on the right
50 standing knee to elbow on the left
30 IW

Why not enjoy Roxanne one more time.

Pray for Will Freeman (Montross’ cousin). He had a pacemaker installed due to low pulse while sleeping.
Pray for Erector
Pray for Spicoli
Pray for the F3 brethren
Congrats to Rocky Top for his F.A.Q.- Fartsack After Qing #gottabeanameforthisalready

Tip from the top: don’t google image search “Roxanne”. #Badidea. #Bounceyoureyes

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